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Helping Teens Manage Anxiety About COVID-19

Nationally, we are all dealing with circumstances unlike anything we have experienced before. We will most likely look back on Spring 2020 and remember specific details and emotions that were directly related to this life altering event. Many of today’s teenagers will not fully understand the impact of the current situation until later in life. 

In supporting our BA parents, the student support team has gathered resources to help families during this uncertain time. Many adolescents were struggling with anxiety before this pandemic, and even though students have less responsibilities at the moment, anxiety might still be present for other reasons. We encourage our parents to be aware of signs of anxiety in their children.

If you believe your child is feeling uneasy about the current lifestyle brought on by the Coronavirus, we would encourage you to practice the five strategies highlighted in the following article to help your teenager. Click HERE to be redirected to a New York Times article by Lisa Damour, a psychologist and author, entitled 5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About the Coronavirus.