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Find Purpose

Recently I have had several students describe their time during social distancing as boring. Honestly, I agree with them. There have been many times during the last two months that boredom has crept into my life. When the normalcy of a fast pace life is suddenly taken away, it is natural to struggle with a lack of activity, even with entertainment at our fingertips. One of the best things to counteract boredom is a sense of purpose and direction. Due to current circumstances, many events, seasons, and programs have been canceled. This unintentionally left many of our teenagers feeling a lack of purpose. Now is a great time to help your child identify and redefine his or her purpose.

Sissy Goff, a counselor at Daystar, wrote an article about this very topic. I would highly encourage you read her article entitled How to Beat Boredom and Encourage Kids to Find Purpose. Click HERE for the link.