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Social Media Stats

The video above shows statistics proving the impact social media is having on teenagers.

Today during Tech Tips Thursday, the Brentwood Academy upper school student body was reminded of three best practices to think about when using social media.

  • Be your own person online.

Constantly comparing one’s life to others can cause stress and sadness. Reality on social media is not always true reality. People post what they want others to see. It is important for teenagers (and adults) to not measure their own self-worth based on what others post.

  • Think before you post.

There are consequences to every online decision, just like in other areas of life. Some consequences are positive and some are negative. People on social media can use their presence and influence to tear others down or encourage and uplift others. Following, commenting and liking can have some of these same consequences. These actions can be seen as approving or agreeing with the original post. It is important to be thoughtful before posting, following, commenting or liking something on social media.

  • Search for truth.

People can choose to post things that are not true, and people often go to social media to seek information. With these two things in mind, it is important to be aware of what is and isn’t true.

Ultimately, we should all be asking ourselves, “What does my digital footprint say about me?”