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End Negative Thinking

Negative self-talk is a common reaction to frustration and failure. It is important to teach teens a healthy response when this type of negative thinking starts. Click HERE to access a blogger’s review of the book Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings by Dr. Kenneth R. Ginsburg. This blog post focuses on examples to help parents apply the information from Dr. Ginsburg’s popular book.

Below are two main topics from the book addressed in the post:

ABC Technique: A series of questions parents should use in the moment when dealing with a teenager who is thinking negatively

  • A = Adversity – What is the problem?
  • B = Beliefs – What is the person’s understanding of what happened?
  • C = Consequences – What will happen because of this problem?

Help Your Teen Control Their Thoughts: Big picture action steps for parents to incorporate in their child’s everyday life

  • Help your child recognize their thoughts
  • Evaluate the accuracy of the thoughts
  • Find a more accurate explanation for what happened
  • Coach your child in letting go of the idea that it’s a catastrophe