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Middle School Takes HVAC Swim Championship

The combined boys’ and girls’ middle school swim team won the HVAC championship Saturday against six other independent schools. The girls finished in third place, while the boys finished first.

The girls finished first in the 100 free (Annabelle McClung) and 200 free relay (Faith Gorey, Elaina Massey, Mary Margaret Dye and Annabelle McClung). Placing in other events:

  • 200 Medley Relay: 2nd (Mary Margaret Dye, Sarah Melton, Hannah Fridrich, Annabelle McClung)
  • 200 Free: 3rd Elaina Massey, 8th Anna Groenewoud
  • 200 IM: 4th Mary Margaret Dye, 5th Sarah Melton
  • 50 Free: 4th Hannah Fridrich, 9th Rachel Nguyen, 10th Megan Nguyen
  • 100 Fly: 4th Elaina Massey, 7th Hannah Fridrich
  • 500 Free: 3rd Anna Groenewoud
  • 100 Back: 3rd Mary Margaret Dye, 4th Annabelle McClung, 14th Fahlin Chapman
  • 100 Breast: 6th Sarah Melton, 8th Faith Gorey, 9th Megan Nguyen, 13th Charlotte Murray
  • 400 Free Relay: 4th Sarah Melton, Hannah Fridrich, Elaina Massey, Faith Gorey

The boys broke six out of 11 event records at this event:

  • 200 IM: Michael Gorey
  • 50 Free: Chandler Neill
  • 100 Free: Michael Gorey
  • 100 Breast: Nathan Lumsdaine
  • 400 Free Relay: John Mitchell, Nathan Lumsdaine, Chandler Neill, Michael Gorey

Additionally, the boys placed in the following events:

  • 100 Fly: 1st Chandler Neill
  • 500 Free: 1st John Mitchell
  • 200 Free: 2nd John Mitchell, 5th Nathan Lumsdaine
  • 50 Free: 7th Tyler Warren, 12th Jake Widmaier
  • 100 Fly: 5th Tijs Groenewoud
  • 100 Free: 7th Asher McClung, 9th Tyler Warren
  • 200 Free Relay: 5th Asher McClung, Tijs Groenewoud, Jake Widmaier, Tyler Warren
  • 100 Back: 4th Asher McClung, 11th John Thomas McClendon
  • 100 Breast: 6th Tijs Groenewoud, 8th Jake Widmaier, 13th Andy Finney

Congratulations to our Middle School Aqua Eagles!