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Peer Pressure

According to a recent blog post by generation Z expert, Tim Elmore, there are four kinds of peer influence impacting adolescents today. Peer pressure has been around for multiple generations; however, the kind of pressure has changed. Dr. Elmore explains the new forms of peer pressure and explores what we can do to help our teenagers. Below are the four types of pressures listed in his article. Click on the button below to read the full blog post.

4 Types of Peer Influence according to Dr. Prinstein and Dr. Elmore:

  • Overt Peer Pressure – This is when comments directly and personally pressure the teenager, either through face-to-face interactions or through social media.
  • Deviancy Training – This includes positive reinforcement through negative behavior.
  • Misestimation of Norms – This is when teenagers have a false understanding of the majority. When you are constantly trying to figure out what others are doing, it is easy to see a handful of posts about an activity or hear about teenagers choosing negative behaviors and think that everyone is participating.
  • Identity Enhancement – Teenagers are looking for a sense of self. This pressure includes teenagers looking for identity through peer feedback. This happens often nowadays on socials.

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