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National School Counseling Week

National School Counseling Week gives school counselors the opportunity to highlight our programs. As Brentwood Academy’s school counselor, I am able to focus on personal and social support of the students. Read the following frequently asked questions to see a snapshot into the BA counseling program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the referral process? The role of a teacher, advisor, or coach allows for good referrals. Those individuals spend so much time with the students and see them in different venues which helps them identify a student who might need additional support. Parents can call or email the school counselor to refer their own child. Upper school students can self-refer as well by email or through the US office.

What does a student experience in a 1:1 meeting with the school counselor? The school counselor provides a trained listening ear to allow students a space to process things they are experiencing in their life. The school counselor takes a solution-focused approach to help students learn skills to improve/maintain mental wellness.

What if a parent is looking for on-going therapy? The school counselor has fostered professional relationships with many mental health professionals in our community. Therefore, if a parent is looking for someone to work with their child in an on-going therapy setting, the school counselor can offer recommendations. These recommendations are a starting spot for parents to find the right fit for their family’s needs.

What resources does my school counselor offer? Below is a button link to the school counselor’s resource page. There are articles, blogs, applications, books, podcasts, etc. organized by different topics that could be of significance to parents.