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Curtis G. Masters



In the Spring of 2000, Curt Masters became headmaster at Brentwood Academy. During the installation service, he received three symbolic gifts to cheer and to guide his leadership: a living tree represented the nurture and care essential for the growth of the dynamic Brentwood Academy community; a clay pot—partly finished, partly marred—was given as a reminder that each member of the Brentwood Academy family is a work of God in progress; and a track baton, which Bill Brown—headmaster, teacher and coach—passed on, signifying the end of his leg of the race.

Taking up that baton, Curt Masters has proven to be a godly leader for Brentwood Academy. Mr. Masters was mainly raised in Indonesia with his missionary parents. He attended Wheaton College, where he met his wife, Cindy, who also grew up on the mission field, and there he earned a bachelor of arts in psychology. Later, he earned a master of education in administration from the University of Puget Sound and a Ph.D. (ABD) in educational leadership from the University of Miami. Before coming to Brentwood Academy, Mr. Masters was headmaster and upper school principal of Dade Christian School in Miami, Florida; the dean of students at The Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, New York; and assistant principal at Life Christian School in Tacoma, Washington.

Though known and revered primarily for his academic and spiritual leadership, Mr. Masters has also gained notoriety for coining a phrase that he delivers frequently with energy and enthusiasm at BA events: It's another GREAT day at BA! This phrase means more than just having a positive outlook on life. The underlying message is that students and faculty help determine the outcome of their day by the choices they make and how those choices can affect others.

Read more about Curt's childhood and his family's experience as missionaries to tribes in the remote interior of Dutch New Guinea.

William B. Brown

Headmaster Emeritus


William Bailey Brown, Jr. was born on May 3, 1935, and is the oldest of six boys. He grew up on a sixty-acre farm off Dickerson Road in East Nashville where he and his brothers helped with the chores. He went to Schwab Elementary School through the eighth grade and then enrolled at Montgomery Bell Academy where he was president of the Student Council and played varsity baseball and football.

After high school, Mr. Brown attended Vanderbilt University, earning a bachelor of science in physics with a minor in mathematics. He enlisted in the Marine Corps after graduation and was stationed at Parris Island, South Carolina. On March 28, 1959, he married Vanderbilt alumna Beth Barnes. Mr. Brown began his teaching and coaching career in inner-city Savannah, Georgia, and later went on to work in the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia; Battle Ground Academy in Franklin; and the Oak Hill School in Nashville.

In early 1969, businessman Dick Cole brought together Mr. Brown and architect Randall Yearwood, who had also attended MBA, to discuss starting an independent school in the Nashville area. Plans developed slowly, and Mr. Brown, Mr. Yearwood, and Jimmy French hosted meetings in churches and homes to share the dream of Brentwood Academy. The official charter for BA was signed on November 20, 1969, and on September 8, 1970, 110 students in grades seven through ten arrived for the first day of classes.

"People often ask me what Brentwood Academy is all about. My response is always a quick one: Brentwood Academy is about changed lives. God is constantly remaking and remolding us as we take risks and go deep with each other in the process of relationships. At the times when we step into the darkness, He gives us something solid to stand on and He also teaches us to fly. What a blessing it has been to witness all that He has done in my life, in the lives of my family members, and in the lives of all who have been a part of Brentwood Academy through the years."

Board of Trustees

The Brentwood Academy Board of Trustees is a self-perpetuating, independent board whose purpose is to protect, perpetuate, and provide for the mission of Brentwood Academy. As such, the Board sets policy, provides for financial security, and selects the headmaster. In addition, the Board delegates authority for operational issues.

Board of Trustees

Michael Drescher (Chair)

Jon Billington
Nathan Brandon
Michael Blanton
J. Mac Brown '83
Rod Freeman
John Gonas
Scott Louderback
Eddie Lunn '94
Sharon Moore-Caldwell
Stephanie Skinner
Josh Smithson ’93
Dick Wright
Chiquita Young
Curt Masters (ex-officio)

Honorary Trustees

Charles Dan Brown
Albert Gasser (deceased)
Tom P. Kennedy, Jr. (deceased)
Walter Knestrick
Hampton Pitts
Ambassador Joe M. Rodgers (deceased)
Ben Hardin Rowan II
Bill Sheriff
William B. Wadlington Jr., M.D. (deceased)
Dick Wright

Founding Trustees

William B. Brown, Jr.
Jack A. Butler (deceased)
William C. Cate, Jr. (deceased)
J. Richard Cole
J. William Denny
James E. French
H. Lynn Greer, Jr.
Patricia Hart
T. P. Kennedy, Jr. (deceased)
Miller G. Kimbrough, Jr. (deceased)
Ambassador Joe M. Rodgers (deceased)
Morris Werthan II
Randall N. Yearwood (deceased)

Jenny Cretin

Middle School Director

Jenny Cretin taught elementary and middle school students for 20 years and has served Brentwood Academy students, families and faculty in a variety of administrative capacities since 2011.  While gaining experience and expertise in admission, financial aid, retention, communication, marketing and curricular design, Mrs. Cretin has developed deep relationships with faculty, staff, parents, and students. She is the parent of an alumnus, Jacob Cretin ’15.  Mrs. Cretin holds a B.A., B.S. from Welch College and an M.Ed. from Concordia University.

Andy Bradshaw

Upper School Director

Andy Bradshaw, upper school director, holds two master’s degrees from Arkansas State University and Ohio University, as well as a B.S. from Athens State University. He came to Brentwood Academy in 2011 as a history teacher and boys basketball coach. In 2013, he was promoted to the dean of students for the upper school. For the past four years, Mr. Bradshaw has been an active member of the SAIS Advance Education and CESA accreditation committee. In addition, he is a graduate of ACSI Fellowship of Aspiring School Heads.

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