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Rules and Procedures

  • Rules

    All students in grades 9-12 must participate in a Winterim course. See the section below entitled Course Registration for more information on how to register for a Winterim course.

    Winterim days are considered academic days in our school calendar; thus the absentee policy is the same as any normal school day. However, any absence from Winterim requires a doctor's note in order to be excused. Each day a student has an unexcused absence will result in three hours of Detention.

    Once a student has been placed in a course, changes may not be made. Therefore, it is imperative that the student and parent discuss cost options for Winterim courses. Please do not sign up for a course if all course requirements, including costs, cannot be met.

    Individual Winterim courses will not be allowed. Such courses do not meet the goal of small-group interaction. All students will choose a Winterim course from the courses provided. A student choosing an alternative program will have to use his/her parent request days (limited to five days per year).

    Only students in grades 10-12 may travel out of state. Students in grade 9 should select a local or in-state Winterim.

    Some courses require a non-refundable deposit at registration.

    Due to grade level priority, course popularity and limits, not all students will receive their first choice. Students should be prepared to register for another course if their first choice is filled.

    No one may participate in a course in which he/she has participated in any previous year. The only exceptions to this are Service learning trips, Internships, and Choosing to Serve.

  • Course Registration

    Registration for Winterim courses is conducted exclusively online.

    Out-of-Town Travel (grades 10-12) registration is in May. Registration for local courses (grades 9-12) is held in September. 

     During each registration period, students will register in waves based on grade level. Once registration is open to a grade level, those students will be able to register throughout the process. Registration opens at 6:00 am on the following dates:

    • For Seniors - opens Tuesday, September 13
    • For Juniors - opens Thursday, September 15
    • For Sophomores - opens Monday, September 19
    • For Freshman - opens Wednesday, September 21

    Closes for all on Friday, September 23 at 10 PM

    By the close of September registration, each student in grades 9-12 must have completed registration for their official Winterim course selection. Student placement on the waitlist for a course is not considered as registration for a course. 

    Students may not register for multiple courses. You may indicate a second choice preference during the registration process.

    Download Registration Instructions
  • Deposits and Payments

    At the time of registration payment (either partial or full) is required. Each course will determine whether payment must be in full or a non-refundable deposit given at registration date. Deposit amounts differ according to the overall cost of the course. Several courses will offer payment plans with final payments due no later than November 30.

    If the student is placed in the course and decides to withdraw, the deposit will not be refunded. Thus, it is imperative that parents and students discuss Winterim options before completing the registration form.

    Payments for online registration are accepted only via credit/debit card.

  • Waitlist and Second choices

    If your first choice course is full, you are welcome to sign-up for that course's waitlist. You do not need to pay a deposit on the waitlist. However, by the close of fall registration students MUST hold a seat in a course. Signing up on the waitlist does NOT constitute as enrolling in a course.

    Since you are able to give a second and third option, you only waitlist if your first choice is full. Please do not waitlist for multiple courses.

    Do NOT register for TWO courses. Register for ONE course ONLY.

    Note: during registration, if a spot opens in a course, then students on the waitlist will be automatically placed in that course.

    Students who no longer wish to be on the waitlist for a course, must notify the Winterim staff at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Winterim?

    For three days in January, the upper school suspends the normal school day in order to challenge students through various non-traditional, experiential programs called Winterim. Winterim provides opportunities to fulfill the school’s mission through exploration in academics, arts, outdoors, and athletics. Enrichment opportunities are also offered through cultural exchanges, community service, and internships.

  • My child is slated for a course different from registration. How does this happen?

    Some courses didn’t make, so someone who registered before you might have bumped you out of a course. The bumped student is then placed in either the second or third choice.

    Some waitlists opened up. Students are automatically moved into the course he/she waitlisted when this occurs.

  • Who participates in Winterim?

    Participation is required of ALL upper school students, in grades 9-12. The attendance policy for Winterim applies just like any academic day.

  • Who pays for Winterim courses?

    The cost of Winterim courses is not included in tuition. The price of individual Winterim courses varies. A course requiring travel may cost over $1,000, while local courses can range from $0-$200. Great effort is taken to provide valuable and exciting educational experiences at reasonable costs. Parents should discuss course offerings with students to ensure participation in a course that is interesting to the student and manageable for the family budget.

  • Can my child repeat a program from a previous year?

    Since the purpose of Winterim is to challenge students to expand their knowledge beyond present experiences, students are not allowed to repeat Winterim programs. For example, a student who traveled to New York last year will not be able to do so again this year. Remember that the purpose of Winterim is EXPOSURE to new things.

Who can travel?

    Out-of-state/country travel is open only to grades 10-12. Students in grade 9 should register for a local/in-state course.

  • My child plays a sport that is in season during Winterim, what are his options?

    Options vary from sport to sport. Some teams will participate in a specific team-focused Winterim. Some teams must choose a local course during the day in order to have practice and games in the evening. Some teams have no restrictions or requirements during winterim. If you plan to play a winter sport, before you register for Winterim, you should contact the coach directly to determine if any mandates are set.

  • May I travel as a chaperone on my child's winterim?

    All Winterims, particularly Winterim trips, are fun and engaging experiences for students because they nurture and challenge each student to grow and develop as young adults in unique settings. The experiences encountered on Winterim trips are specifically designed to allow your child to safely explore the surrounding world with friends, teachers, and mentors. Because introducing a family member into that dynamic changes the learning experience for the whole group, we do not use parents who are not also Brentwood Academy staff or faculty as chaperones during Winterim. This unique opportunity to explore their world without parents, but with guidance from trusted faculty, allows for tremendous personal growth in each student. Upper school faculty carefully choose chaperones for the trip who will help and encourage each student. There is a rigorous process for choosing chaperones, who have some current or former working relationship with Brentwood Academy and have undergone a thorough background check.

Meet the Staff

Shannon Frost

World Languages/10th Grade Chair/Winterim Assistant Coordinator

  • B.A. University of Tennessee

Bonnie Hall

Mathematics Chair/Winterim Coordinator

  • B.S. Vanderbilt University
  • M.A. Stanford University

Rachael Melton

Robotics Program Assistant Director

  • B.A DePauw University
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