Courses Offered 2020

2020 Winterim Course List

  • Service Learning Trips (Registration will be in May)

    Students will fly to Beijing, China then travel via bullet train to Luoyang China to spend a few days at Maria’s big House of Hope where we will play with orphans, assist in pre-school class, and help out with various chores. Of course, along the way students will visit local sights and tourist attractions in Luoyang, such as the Longmin Grottoes and the Old City. This year (new), the trip will feature another train ride to Xian, China and view the world famous, Terra Cotta Warriors. We will then return to Beijing where we will tour the Great Wall, take in the Beijing Kung Fu Show, shop at the ever-popular Pearl Market, which is super fun, and visit Tiananmen Square where we will see the Forbidden City. We will also be eating the finest Chinese food in the world (it’s just better in China). This trip is life changing

    • Sponsor: Mr. Jim Chapman
    • Participants: 16-20; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $2815; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Cost includes ALL flights, all in-country travel, ALL meals while in China, ALL accommodations, hotels, ALL activities, and ALL tourist attractions
    • Cost does not cover: Visa application fee of $140 and Visa Travel Pros fee of $95
    • Planned Trip Duration: December 29 - January 5 or December 30 - January 6
    • Must have a valid passport by August 31, 2019. Passports must not expire prior to July of 2020.

    We will partner with A Door to Hope to engage with the people of Haiti through the following: construction and repair of homes for displaced families, organize and teach VBS for local village children, serving the families of the village by distributing needed supplies and working in local orphanage. Team members will also get to experience a “fun day” away from serving at the beach and on a water excursion. This trip will mirror the past trips taken to Haiti. Past participants have coined their mission trip a “the trip of a lifetime”. You’ve heard about poverty and spiritual warfare around the world, but this trip will allow your eyes to be opened in ways more than just by hearing others' stories. This invaluable experience allows participants to get out of their comfort zones to serve others.
    • Sponsors: Mrs. Angie CollinsMrs. Lisa Greene
    • Number of participants: 25; grades 11-12
    • Cost: $2265 (includes airfare, all meals and all activities); $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Departure date may be 12/31, 1/1 or 1/2. Return date will be 1/7
    • Must have a valid passport by October 1, 2019

    How much do you know about Philadelphia? You may know some of its illustrious and iconic history – Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, cheesesteaks, world’s largest and oldest outdoor Italian market, home of the fictional Rocky Balboa; the list goes on and on. BUT…did you know Philadelphia is home to CHOP – a world renown children’s hospital? Did you know that cancer is the second leading cause of death among children ages 1-14? Were you aware that only 4% of money raised for cancer research goes to pediatric cancer research? Have you ever known a child diagnosed with cancer? Join us as we learn more about Philadelphia, and even more about how we can join the fight against pediatric cancer. In addition to seeing some of the sights of Philadelphia, we will also visit CHOP and meet with pediatric oncologists and nurses. Let’s find ways to do our part in rewriting the history behind childhood cancer. How can we as a school community raise funds and direct those funds straight to families who need help the most?
    • Sponsor: Mr. Paul Battaglia
    • Number of participants: 10-20 ; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $815; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Monday January 6 - Wednesday, January 8

  • Out of Country Trips (Registration will be in May)

    Adventure in Belize
    Come enjoy five nights and six days exploring the beautiful, exotic Belize! We will spend the first three nights in the Belize rain forest followed by two nights on the beach. Possible adventures include a night tour of the jungle, cave tubing, climbing waterfalls inside of caves, rappelling, hiking, snorkeling, swimming with sharks, visiting Mayan ruins and exploring local cuisine. The cost of the trip includes transportation, lodging, and almost all meals in country. Students will be responsible for souvenirs, meals in airports, and anything else they wish to purchase.

    • Sponsors: Ms. Wendy StallingsMr. Steve Widmaier
    • Number of participants: 24-36; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $2415; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Wednesday, January 1 - Monday, January 6
    • Must have a valid passport by November 1, 2019

    Argentina Family Stay
    Fall in love with Argentina, one of the most beautiful countries in the world! Explore amazing sites and beautiful vistas, made even better by the fact that January in Argentina is summertime! This trip is a cultural and linguistic immersion experience of epic proportions. We will kick off our 11-day adventure in Argentina’s world-famous capital, Buenos Aires. We will explore the La Boca (the most colorful and hip neighborhood in the world), Casa Rosada (the presidential palace), and la Recoleta (a famous historical area and cemetery), all while sampling loads of delicious Argentine cuisine. Then, we will head northwest to the beautiful town of Villa Carlos Paz, known for its gorgeous lakes and rolling landscape. In Villa Carlos Paz, you will experience an unforgettable 7-day family-stay. Immerse yourself in la vida Argentina as you share daily life with your Argentine family. Argentinians are known for their amazing hospitality, warmth, and incredible cooking! Our group will meet up regularly throughout the week for activities, including a cooking class, tango lessons, excursions to nearby cities, and a farewell party with our host families. Come be a part of this remarkable adventure! The Argentina Family Stay adventure is available to students who are actively enrolled Spanish 3 or above during the 2019-2020 school year.
    • Sponsors: Ms. Molly Martin
    • Number of participants: 6-12; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $4015; $825 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Saturday, December 28 - Tuesday, January 7
    • Must have a valid passport by November 1, 2019

    Costa Rica
    Participants on the Costa Rica Winterim will learn about tides, winds, and currents in the context of surfing in the rustic seaside town of Tamarindo. Students will also have the opportunity to hone their Spanish speaking skills as they explore a nearby rain forest, hot springs, and a coffee plantation. In addition, students will enjoy a sunset boat ride and snorkeling. Cost covers airfare, lodging, breakfasts, surfing lessons, board rentals, transportation, and excursion fees.

    Adventure through the land of fire and ice, a bucket list trip. Hunt for Northern Lights. Snorkel between tectonic plates. Explore blue ice cave. See glaciers, waterfalls, volcanos, and black sand beaches. Breakfasts are included.
    • Sponsors: Mr. Tim HickmanMrs. Bonnie Hall
    • Number of participants: 10-30; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $3690; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Wednesday, January 1 - Tuesday, January 7
    • Must have a valid passport by November 15, 2019

  • Out of State Trips (Registration will be in May)

    Disney World Imagineering
    This winterim will go behind the scenes of Walt Disney World, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. You will visit underground Disney and explore the “Imagineering” and animation skills that make Disney World amazing. You will go behind the scenes of Animal Kingdom and work with the veterinarians to treat the animals. Finally, you will discover how technology, communication and commerce have bridged cultural gaps as you navigate the international pavilions of Epcot.

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Dana AtkinsMrs. Anna Kathryn Berkompas
    • Number of participants: 16-??? ; grades 10-12,
    • Cost: $1740; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Price includes: all breakfasts, airfare and transportation, park hopper tickets, educational programs, hotel, taxes and tips.
    • Planned Trip Duration: Friday, January 3 - Wednesday, January 8

    San Francisco: West Coast Wonder
    Join us as we enjoy and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco. This 4-day trip has been carefully designed to educate students in the richness of cultural diversity, the excitement and adventure of the big city and splendor found in our natural world. We will marvel at the majestic Pacific Ocean, climb crooked streets, escape from Alcatraz, go on a safari, hike a trail of marvelous red woods, all the while enjoying fine food, a little shopping and great company.
    • Sponsors: Mr. Matt Brown, Mrs. Lulu Clark, Mr. Jason Mathews, Mrs. Beth Taylor
    • Number of participants: 25-40 ; grades 10-12,
    • Cost: $1615; $515 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Planned Trip Duration: Friday, January 3 - Tuesday, January 7

  • Local/In State (Registration will be in September)

    The following courses will register in fall. Please note: the final price and number of participants is subject to change. However, these numbers will be finalized in August.

    Best of Nashville
    Spend three days seeing all the best sites (and eating at some of the classic restaurants) of Nashville. Highlights include: Touring history at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the State Capitol, the Governor’s Residence, the Parthenon, and the Belle Meade Plantation; eating at places like “Loveless Café”, “DeSano Pizza” and “Edley’s BBQ”; helping to break out of a room at “The Escape Game”; engaging in laser tag at the privately rented “Laser Quest”; and taking a complete behind the scenes tour of Nissan Stadium, including the Titan’s locker room, press boxes…the works!

    • Sponsor: Mr. Tom Cox
    • Number of participants: 15-24; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $175, due at registration

    The Art, Craft, and Sport of Boomerangs

    In this session, you will learn how to make, paint, and throw boomerangs from a former U.S. Boomerang Champion (1981). Along the way, we will cover a bit of the history of how returning boomerangs evolved from aboriginal throw sticks, as well as some of the physics of how returning boomerangs work. If all goes well, each participant will actually catch at least one boomerang that they make themselves. This class will involve power tools, paint, and highly specialized athletic skills; therefore, it’s ideal for everyone! Boys and girls in grades 9-12 are welcome. Some basic woodworking skills and a good throwing arm would be helpful, but not necessary. There’s a lot of room for creativity in how boomerangs are shaped and painted, so this session will appeal to both artists and athletes. Those of you who are both will really dig it! On the last day, we’ll have a boomerang tournament (weather permitting) in which you will learn some of the specific events used in regional, national and international boomerang competitions. 

    • Sponsor: Mr. Matt Nygren
    • Number of participants: 4-24; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $105, due at registration

    Choosing to Serve

    Each of you has received a gift to use to serve others. —1 Peter 4:10 The goals of Choosing to Serve are to give opportunities for students to use their gifts in their community and to open doors for students to serve others in humility and love.

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Jane Winfield
    • Number of participants: 3-10; grades 9-12 GIRLS ONLY
    • Cost: Free
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation.

    Creating with Power Tools

    Do you have an adventurous spirit? Do you like to attempt new skills? This class will give you an opportunity to say “I did that!” and the confidence to say “I can make that!” In this course, you will learn to safely use power drills, sanders, and miter saws. You will test these skills on a variety of sample crafts, but by the end, you will take one craft to take home. We will take time each day to explore the gifts God has given you for creating, and what it means to build a home. You will also hear firsthand from professionals in the fields of architectural design, construction, and interior design. You will leave this course with more confidence, new skills, and a greater vision for creative design.

    • Sponsor: Ms. Jenny Walsh
    • Number of participants: 3-10; GIRLS ONLY
    • Cost: $60
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation

    Exploring Colleges in Middle Tennessee

    Some of our greatest colleges lie right in our own backyard, but often because of their close proximity to home, students overlook them. Our goal is to challenge students’ current perceptions of Middle Tennessee schools while also encouraging them to explore what college characteristics are most appealing to them by visiting schools that differ in size, location, and academic offerings. Though plans are subject to change, we intend to visit a larger public institution, a medium size private university and a smaller, intentionally Christian school.

    Finding Your Inner Chef

    Spend three wonderful mornings at the Salud! Cooking School at Green Hills working closely with an instructor and using the finest professional appliances, cookware and cutlery. You and a small group of classmates will learn cooking techniques by actually preparing the menu items and then having a delicious lunch from the meal you prepared. A few of the menu options include make your own pasta, south of the border style and introduction to Thai cooking. The possibilities are limitless, so don’t miss out on the fun!

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Amy ClarkeMrs. Carolyn Dobbins
    • Number of participants: 8-12, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $225; $105 deposit due at registration
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day.

    Great American Film Study

    This film study class seeks to incorporate and view five of the best ten American films of all time using The American Film Institute’s Choices. The criteria for inclusion was historical significance, critical recognition and awards, and popularity determined by box-office revenue, syndication, video sale and rental figures. Students will learn the history of each film’s debut, brief lessons in their respective directors, and innovative film techniques as they watch and interact with the following iconic films: Gone With the WindOn the Waterfront, Singin’ in the Rain, Casablanca, and The Wizard of Oz.

    The Great Diplomacy Marathon

    This event is for those who enjoy history, surviving by their wits, and playing a game where there are no elements left to chance. (Imagine Risk with no dice.) Each player represents a great European power prior to World War I, a time when the continent was a complex cauldron of political stratagems and maneuvers. Your armies and fleets can dominate Europe, but only with the cooperation of your neighbors. Never forget, they are all trying to expand their territory too, and you could be the target!

    • Sponsor: Mr. Paul Battaglia
    • Number of participants: 7-35, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $30, due at registration


    Internships will provide an opportunity for juniors and seniors to arrange a three-day program working with a professional in Brentwood, Nashville, or Franklin. This program offers students an opportunity to join the work force for a few days in an attempt to learn more about potential careers. In the past internships have included (but are not limited to): advertising firms, law offices, architectural firms, banks, physicians, radio stations, American Express, Cumberland Heights, Daystar Ministries, the Governor’s office, Juvenile Court of Davidson County, Paine Webber, The Tennessean, TV stations, Vanderbilt Sports Medicine and Nissan Corporation. Students may not intern at Brentwood Academy, nor may they intern at the same place two years in a row. Students may not work for or with their parents. Nor may they work in a private residence. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lunch costs.

    Juniors and Seniors must make all necessary arrangements with the sponsoring host by October 16.

    • Sponsor: Ms. Barbara Stewart
    • Number of participants: 1-15; grades 11-12
    • Cost: Free
    • All internships must take place in Williamson or Davidson County.
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day.

    Jump, Jive, and Swing

    Have you ever watched a couple out on the floor dancing together and wished that you knew how to dance like that? Well, here is your chance! This Winterim will offer an introduction to swing dancing. No previous experience is needed because we will start from the basics and build from there. Men, this Winterim should be especially appealing to you because every lady likes to dance, and this is your chance to learn how to impress the ladies. Individual dance lessons typically cost $65/hour, but during this Winterim you will receive instruction for free.

    Knitting, Woodcraft & Pottery

    This Winterim option allows students to tap into their creative sides through three distinctly different craft projects to be completed at studios in Franklin, TN. We will spend one session at Third Coast Clay in The Factory where students will learn how to paint and glaze pieces they select. We will then spend two days at AR Studios. One of those days will be spent learning to knit on a very large scale with chunky yarn. The result will be a plush 40' x 50' blanket by the end of the session. The second day at AR will allow participants to select from one of many woodworking projects (plank wood signs, framed wooden signs, trays, and even a lazy susan). The instructors will not only teach the participants how to build but also many staining and painting techniques as well.

    Students are responsible for getting to and from the studios each day. We will try and schedule the classes to begin at 10:00 AM and conclude by 2:00 PM.

    • Sponsor: Ms. Lindsay Fowlkes
    • Number of participants: 12-14; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $225, $105 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day.

    The Magic Flute

    Over the course of three days we will watch, listen to, and discuss Mozart’s sublime opera The Magic Flute. In this opera Mozart explores, among other things, two kinds of Love that are redeemed in the eyes of God and, accordingly, have a place in God’s Kingdom. We will spend four hours each day (with a short break for lunch) watching and discussing scenes from two different versions of the opera.

    The Meaning of Life

    We will study Ecclesiastes and explore the purpose of our existence over coffee and/or breakfast. Then we will reflect on what we have studied while hiking local trails around Nashville. We will discuss our struggles while enjoying God's beautiful creation. This will be an unforgettable time of reflection and direction.

    • Sponsor: Mr. Lyle Husband
    • Number of participants: 4-10; grades 9-12
    • Cost: Free; students will need money for breakfast/lunch

    Print Nashville

    Have you ever wanted to design and create a tshirt? Have you ever wondered how concert posters are made? Print Nashville 2019 is the winterim for you!!! This winterim will provide each participant hands on experience in three different types of printmaking both on campus and in surrounding Nashville studios. Students will create original art using the printmaking techniques of screen printing, letterpress and gelatin printing. The students will leave this course with a portfolio of prints, an understanding and appreciation for 3 different forms of printmaking and a lifetime of memories from creating art with friends both on campus and in professional studios in the surrounding area.
    1. We will spend one day visiting Hatch Show Prints in the Music City center downtown. Hatch Show Print is one of America's oldest letterpress shops, in business since 1879. It has created original art for Elvis Presley, Grand Ole Opry stars and contemporary artists like The Black Keys. We will view printmaking in action, take the official tour and participate in a hands-on activity designing and creating our own letterpress poster.
    2. We will spend another day in the studios of Hip Hues. Hip Hues is a Nashville-based screen-printing company that promotes the art of screen printing with an interactive, hands-on approach. Each student will create an original design and see it through the process of burning the image to create a screen, inking and printing that screen image onto a piece of canvas. We will also be printing a Winterim t-shirt to take home as a keepsake.
    3. The third style of printmaking is known as gelli printing and it is fast and fun. Each student will have a gelatin plate to use in creating layered images in ink and learning about positive and negative space and how it relates to printmaking. Gelatin prints can be used for stationary and stand- alone artwork.
    • Sponsor: Mrs. Janet Laws
    • Number of participants: 6-15; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $130, due at registration
    • Students will carpool to the studios.

    RAD: Rape Aggression Defense

    This 12-hour basic self-defense course will be instructed by Brentwood police officers and held on campus in the Dalton Gym in the Athletic Fitness Center. The mission of the R.A.D. Systems is to establish an accessible, constantly improving and internationally respected alliance of dedicated instructors. These instructors in turn will provide educational opportunities for women, children, men, and seniors to create a safer future for themselves. In doing this, we challenge society to evolve into an existence where violence is not an acceptable part of daily life. Participants must be 13 years old.

    Rifle Marksmanship

    This Winterim will consist of three days of basic rifle marksmanship. It will be taught at the Charlie Haffner Memorial Range just south of Franklin, TN. It will cover firearms safety, introductory ballistics, principles of marksmanship, firing from sitting, kneeling, offhand and prone positions at different distances. The course will finish with a friendly competition and the awarding of the coveted BA Marksman Award. The student must have a rifle (any caliber), 100 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection. This is open to both men and women, sophomore through seniors.

    • Sponsor: Col. Kent Bradford
    • Number of participants: 5-15; grades 10-12
    • Cost: $105, due at registration

Uniquely Created: Exploring the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and Strengths Finder in order to better understand ourselves and others

In this course we will explore 3 personality typologies—the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Enneagram, and StrengthsFinder. Students will have the chance to take in-depth assessments to discover their own types within each framework, and then we will learn from trained teachers about the specific characteristics and tendencies for each of the types. Students will come to a deeper understanding of themselves and how God created them to be special and unique. Learned self-awareness of personality type combined with a greater appreciation of the other types will help students discover how they naturally relate to the world and how others relate to them. They will be able to navigate personal and professional relationships with greater understanding and efficacy, and this can reduce conflict, build stronger relational bonds, and give an edge in future life decisions and direction.

  • Sponsor: Mrs. Jamie Raab
    • Number of participants: 10-25; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $155, due at registration
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day.


We will move and breathe, stretch and strengthen, and worship the Lord. Daily activities include:

    • Review the history of yoga
    • Learn standing, seated, and restorative postures with precise technical cues
    • Learn Sun A and Sun B
    • Practice vinyasa flow, restorative, and maybe some power ashtanga
    • Practice breath work
    • Worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit through meditating on scripture, journaling, prayer, and music
  • Sponsor: Ms. Amanda Butler
  • Number of participants: 4-10; grades 10, 11, 12 girls only
  • Cost: $105, due at registration
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day

  • Winter Team Sports (Registration will be in September)

    • Members of the boys basketball team should register for a local course.
    • Members of the wrestling team should register for the Wrestling winterim.
    • Members of the girls varsity basketball team should register for the Girls Basketball winterim.
    • Members of the swim team may sign up for any course.

    Girls Basketball
    Please contact the coaches for full details. Registration for sports team trips will take place in the fall. The varsity girl's basketball team is planning on traveling to Tampa, FL to play basketball and visit Busch Gardens . Full details, dates, and pricing will be available in September. This experience will be a great time for making connections as a team off the court and decompressing from a very stressful sports season.
    • Sponsors: Mrs. Rhonda BrownMrs. Alyssa Hall
    • Participants: Members of the varsity girls basketball team only; grades 9-12
    • Cost: TBD; please pay your coach directly; $0 due to register
    • Duration of the trip: TBD

    Please talk to the coach for full details. Registration for sports team trips will take place in the fall. Members of the wrestling team will travel for a tournament and then drive to Orlando, where they will spend three days and nights at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Full details, dates, and pricing will be available in September.
    • Sponsor: Mr. Scott Wells
    • Participants: Members of the wrestling team only; grades 9-12
    • Cost: TBD; please pay your coach directly; $0 due to register
    • Duration of the trip: TBD

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