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2023 Winterim Courses

  • Out of State Trips (Registration was held in May)

    Covid Vaccination Statement: Please make note that Covid protocols vary among locations and are subject to change. Travel is at the mercy of the protocols of governments and municipalities. Not all trip insurance will cover a last-minute cancellation due to a government or vendor change in vaccination requirements. Not being vaccinated does increase the risk of not being able to travel. If you are considering vaccination, we recommend that travelers be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to departure.

    Come escape with us to the island of paradise, the Bahamas! Let’s dive in and explore the Bahamian culture and all it has to offer! Some of the trip highlights include:  

    • Enjoy a day at Atlantis Resort-water slides, beaches, and open-air marine aquarium 
    • Take a boat trip to Rose Island to swim with the pigs and snorkeling to see the sea turtles
    • Explore Bonefish Pond National Park and Primeval Forest National Park 
    • Observe Limestone caverns and dramatic sinkholes
    • Enjoy a Sea kayaking and eco-tour 
    • Attend a Bahamian fish fry
    • Swim and relax at the Junkanoo Beach 
    • City tour of Nassau to learn about the history and culture of the Bahamas 
    • Shop at the Straw market 
    • Visit the University of Bahamas 
    • Attend a Bahamian fish fry
    • Visit the Queen’s Staircase and The Balcony House, the oldest wooden structure on the island 
    • Tour the Junkanoo Expo Museum, the Heritage Museum, and the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas 
    • Find out about the coastal wetlands and mangrove ecosystem on the boardwalks and trails 

    The cost of this trip includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, a full-time tour guide, all meals, excursions, taxes, gratuities, and trip insurance. 

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Lori White and Mr. Cody White  
    • Number of participants: 20-30, grades 10-12 only
    • Cost: $2875; $750 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Travelers are required to register for a Travel Health Visa prior to arrival. The fee for this visa will be an additional $50. 
    • Please read the Covid vaccination statement.
    • All travelers will need a negative Covid test before departure to Bahamas and before reentry into the United States. 
    • All travelers must have a valid U.S. passport. 
    • This trip departs on January 3, 2023 and returns on January 7, 2023.

    Big Bend: Southwest Action Adventure
    This five-day adventure will allow you to experience the Carlsbad Caverns, hike in Guadalupe Mountain National Park (home to the four highest peaks in Texas), and sled down the dunes at White Sands National Park, raft down the Rio Grande, and explore Big Bend National Park.  Come and partake in this exciting adventure!

    The cost of this trip includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, a full-time tour guide, all meals and excursions, and trip insurance. Students will need money for snacks, souvenirs, and tips for the bus driver and tour guide. 

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Brittainy Tomichek and Mr. Matt Golenor
    • Number of participants: 20-40, grades 10-12 only
    • Cost: $2500; $750 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • This trip departs on January 3, 2023 and returns on January 7, 2023.

    Explore the Virgin Islands

    The U.S. Virgin Islands serve as a beautiful reminder of why we all must travel again. This Winterim is for the student who loves adventure and enjoys spending time on the tropical islands of St. Thomas and St. John. On this 5-day trip, we will explore Cruz Bay, tour the Annaburg Sugar Plantation, zipline through Charlotte Amalie Outlook, head to Watermelon Cay to snorkel with the local sea life, kayak through Caneel Bay, visit Fort Christian and Bluebeard’s castle, hike Yawzi Point Trail, and much more. 

    The cost of this trip includes round-trip airfare, all-island transportation, hotel accommodations, all breakfasts, all excursions, all tours, trip insurance, and water transfers. Students will be responsible for lunches, dinners, and all souvenirs.

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Dana Atkins, Mrs. Shannon Frost, Mr. Jimmy Ker   
    • Number of participants: 20-30, grades 10-12 only
    • Cost: $3575; $750 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Please read the Covid vaccination statement.
    • This trip departs on January 2, 2023 and returns on January 6, 2023.

    Wild West – Jackson Hole

    Come explore the great outdoors and experience the Wild West with your friends. Highlights include: A guided tour through Yellowstone, winter activities on famous Snow King Mountain, Snow Mobile rides and Ice Fishing, if available.

    The following is including the price of this adventure: Airfare Roundtrip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Hotel Accommodations at Snow King Hotel, transportation in Wyoming, Meals include 3 Breakfasts & 3 Dinners, Big King Pass at Snow Mountain Resort - 1 Day and Winter Snow Coach Tour - Yellowstone/Old Faithful

    • Sponsor: Mr. Chandler Ganick 
    • Number of participants: 20-30, grades 10-12 only
    • Cost: $2450; $750 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • Please read the Covid vaccination statement on page 7.
    • This trip departs on January 2, 2023 and returns on January 6, 2023.

    Marine Science in the Florida Keys 
    Explore the Florida Keys as a marine scientist on an adventure! Kayak in the mangroves, identify species in Shallow Bay studies, dissect a squid, visit a Gator farm, ride through the everglades on an airboat, wade at night to study nocturnal species, snorkel, encounter dolphins and learn about conservation efforts at a marine life research center, explore Dry Tortugas National Park and Key West, and volunteer one morning at a local ministry in South Florida! 

    The cost of this trip includes round-trip airfare, bus transportation, hotel accommodations, breakfast and dinner each day, a full-time tour guide, all excursions, a t-shirt, and trip insurance. Students will need money for lunches, snacks, souvenirs, and tips for the bus driver and tour guide. 

    • Sponsors: Mrs. Jamie Raab and Mr. Jim Chapman
    • Number of participants: 16-32, grades 10-12 only
    • Cost: $3,000; $750 non-refundable deposit due at registration
    • This trip departs on January 2, 2023 and returns on January 7, 2023.

    Puerto Rico 

    Come visit Puerto Rico, “la Isla del Encanto” and immerse yourself in the language, culture, and natural beauty of this spectacular place! With a history as diverse as its landscape, there is truly something for everyone! 

    • Hike and explore the Yunque, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S.
    • Zipline over the rainforest canopy
    • Swim and relax at beautiful local beaches
    • Take a boat ride through the mangrove cays
    • Swim in a bioluminescent bay at night
    • Do a walking tour of Old San Juan
    • Enjoy a dance lesson with locals
    • Make an impact with a hands-on service project

    The cost of this trip includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, all excursions, all meals, and trip insurance. Students will be responsible for snacks at the airport, souvenirs, and tips for the bus driver and tour guide. 

  • Local/In State/Day Trips (Registration will be in September)

    The Art, Craft, and Sport of Boomerangs
    In this session, you will learn how to make, paint, and throw boomerangs from a former U.S. Boomerang Champion (1981). Along the way, we will cover a bit of the history of how returning boomerangs evolved from aboriginal throw sticks, as well as some of the physics of how returning boomerangs work. If all goes well, each participant will actually catch at least one boomerang that they make themselves. This class will involve power tools, paint, and highly specialized athletic skills; therefore, it’s ideal for everyone! Boys and girls in grades 9-12 are welcome. Some basic woodworking skills and a good throwing arm would be helpful, but not necessary. There’s a lot of room for creativity in how boomerangs are shaped and painted, so this session will appeal to both artists and athletes. Those of you who are both will really dig it! On the last day, we’ll have a boomerang tournament (weather permitting) in which you will learn some of the specific events used in regional, national, and international boomerang competitions. 

    • Sponsor: Mr. Matt Nygren
    • Number of participants: 10-24; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $105, due at registration

    Best of Nashville
    Spend three days seeing all the best sites (and eating at some of the classic restaurants) of Nashville. Highlights include: Touring history at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the Ryman Auditorium, the Country Music Hall of Fame, the State Capitol, the Governor’s Residence, the Parthenon, and the Belle Meade Plantation; eating at places like “Loveless Café”, “DeSano Pizza” and “Edley’s BBQ”; helping to break out of a room at “The Escape Game”; playing a few rounds at “Top Golf,” and taking a complete behind the scenes tour of Nissan Stadium, including the Titan’s locker room, press boxes…the works!

    • Sponsor: Mr. Tom Cox
    • Number of participants: 15-24; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $200, due at registration

    Choosing to Serve/Internships

    We want to allow our students to have real-world experiences in several varied environments. This program allows students to serve at a non-profit or internship both locally and out of town. The goal of service is to use your gifts in the service to an organization with humility and love. In the past, we have had kids serve at Grace Works Ministries, Second Harvest Food Bank, Catholic Charites as well as many other local charities and churches. You are expected to serve for a minimum of four hours per day.

    The goal of internship is for the participant to engage with a professional willing to host him in an office/work setting to learn more about a particular industry and possible future professional opportunities. Interns should expect to be occupied for most of a standard workday or for a minimum of four hours per day.

    Specific plans will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Neither those who serve nor those who complete an internship should expect to be paid. All participants are required to secure their service or internships positions and meet all deadlines as outlined after admission into this program. Those deadlines will be no later than November 18, 2022. Those wishing to work out of town will also need the approval of both the Director of the Upper School as well as the Dean of Students. We expect students pursuing this type of independent work to be in good standing at BA. All participants in both the service and internship programs are required to provide their transportation to and from their volunteer sites. Again, students must be prepared to make all necessary arrangements for their programs. A specific list of all required deadline will be provided after enrollment in this program, but participants must expect to have their plan set up by mid-November 2022.

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Lindsay Wade
    • Number of participants: 2-10; grades 10-12
    • Cost: Free
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation

    Coffee, Cocoa & College
    Going to College is a coming-of-age experience that so many young women yearn for, but amid the excitement, feelings of uncertainty, insecurity and nervousness emerge. We hope to arm young women with tools that will help them be confident in themselves as they look toward college and face newfound questions about their faith, making new friends, sharing a dorm room, navigating the social scene and more. We will use Hanna Seymour’s The College Girl's Survival Guide: 52 Honest, Faith-Filled Answers to Your Biggest Concerns and the movies College Road Trip and God’s Not Dead as part of our conversation. We will also bring in a group of young BA alumnae to share their words of wisdom having traversed the college transition themselves. So please join us for coffee, cocoa and a meaningful conversation about college and the experience that lies ahead.

    • Sponsors: Ms. Shelley Miller
    • Number of participants: 2-12, grades 10-12; girls only
    • Cost: $30; due at registration

    Cooking Around the World
    All aboard! Embark on a journey for your taste buds at the Sur la Table Cooking School in Brentwood. You and a small group of students will spend three magical mornings learning cooking techniques and preparing delicious meals with a professional chef. To put the cherry on top, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor! The menu items you make in class will be enjoyed for lunch. Some of the menu items include Italian classics like fresh pizza and Caesar salad, authentic carne asada tacos, and a homemade skillet cookie. 

    Crafting with Calligraphy
    Join me (as I learn along with you) and Mrs. Ginger Mize (as she imparts her expertise to us) for a fun three days of Calligraphy!  You will come away with an arsenal of knowledge that you will be able to use in your future for making gifts and cards, creating beauty for yourself, or even making a profit if you pursue the art and sell your work!  You will be given a handbook to keep with the information you will learn in the class, as well as some fun tools to take with you.  This will be a fun time of learning and practicing, and you may even come away with some fun projects to keep for yourself or to give away!

    • Sponsor:  Mrs. Dixie Christian
    • Number of participants: 5-20, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $75; due at registration

    Creating with Clay
    Spend three mornings in the rolling woodlands of Goodlettsville, TN shaping one-of-a-kind creativity with your own hands at Clay in the Woods pottery studio. Only 20 minutes outside of Nashville, Clay in the Woods provides a beautiful setting for your artistic escape. You will learn hand building and pottery wheel techniques while you create your own pieces of art.  

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Amy Clarke 
    • Number of participants: 6-13, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $325; due at registration

    Cultural Issues in the Kingdom
    I will be guiding students through hot-button issues currently taking place in America. As Christians, it is easy to look at these issues from a cultural perspective instead of a ‘Kingdom’ perspective. The same ‘Kingdom’ that King Jesus preached about when he walked the earth before his crucifixion and resurrection. We will break down racial tensions, sexual orientations, and what it means to be pro-life. This course will be life-changing for students willing to share their thoughts respectfully, listen to others attentively, and love people unconditionally.

    • Sponsor: Mr. Austin Groves 
    • Number of participants: 5-12, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $40; due at registration

    Faith, Food, and Culture
    The purpose of this Winterim course is to expand student worldview by discovering the ways people from different cultures live their faith in their everyday lives. 

    Students will be exposed to Christianity (Protestantism and Catholicism) and Islam. 

    Each morning, we will travel to a Hispanic Catholic Church (first day), a Mosque (second day), and a Protestant Church (third day) to meet with their respective leaders and learn about their faith, their culture, and their impact in the community.

    After each session, we will have lunch at a different restaurant where we can get a taste of some Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and American cuisine, hear the owner’s story, and reflect about our similarities and differences. (Lunch is covered)

    Since we are brothers and sisters of The Book (The Bible), we share the belief of loving one another the way The Lord loves us.

    The Gospel and Story
    In this course, we will be thinking about how all stories point to the true story of the gospel by watching films and discussing what aspects of the gospel they reflect and how these stories may cause us to cherish the gospel more fully. Films will range from blockbusters to indie films—no boring stuff here! 

    In addition, we will spend some time unpacking the stories within the four Gospels and discuss the importance of seeing the gospel as a true story we actually find ourselves in.

    • Sponsor: Mr. Matt Brown
    • Number of participants: 2-20, grades 9-12
    • Cost: Free 

    I Need My Space 
    Take a day trip to Huntsville, Alabama, and visit the US Space and Rocket Center. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center (USSRC) is a Smithsonian Affiliate and home of a National Historic Landmark, an authentic Saturn V rocket. In the 1950s Dr. Wernher von Braun and his team of rocket scientists transformed Huntsville, Alabama into a technology center that today is home to the second-largest research park in the United States and to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.

    Spend the next day in downtown Nashville at the Adventure Science Center visiting the Sudekum Planetarium and other exhibits. On the third day, we will watch the movies  “Apollo 13” (1995) and “October Sky” (1999) at Brentwood Academy.

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Wendy Chapman
    • Number of participants: 5-21, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $145; due at registration

    Internships will provide an opportunity for juniors and seniors to arrange a three-day program working with a professional in Brentwood, Nashville, or Franklin. This program offers students an opportunity to join the workforce for a few days to learn more about potential careers. In the past internships have included (but are not limited to): advertising firms, law offices, architectural firms, banks, physicians, radio stations, American Express, Cumberland Heights, Daystar Ministries, the Governor’s office, Juvenile Court of Davidson County, Paine Webber, The Tennessean, TV stations, Vanderbilt Sports Medicine and Nissan Corporation. Students may not intern at Brentwood Academy, nor may they intern at the same place two years in a row. Students may not work for or with their parents. Nor may they work in a private residence. Participants are responsible for their own transportation and lunch costs.

    Juniors and Seniors must make all necessary arrangements with the sponsoring host by November 1.

    • Sponsor: Ms. Barbara Stewart
    • Number of participants: 1-15; grades 11-12
    • Cost: Free
    • All internships must take place in Williamson or Davidson County
    • Students are responsible for their own transportation each day

    It’s Not Monopoly!  
    This course is intended as an introduction to the wide array of European board games. Unlike most American games that rely on roll and move and then repeat that action for the extent of the game (like Monopoly), these games involved a range of actions and require tactical adjustments throughout the game. 

    Some games fall into the lighter variety and depend on bluffing and negotiation. Slightly more challenging games present a menu of options each turn that rewards some planning and attention to the choices the other players are making. Depending on the experience of the group, players may move into strategic games designed to reward a player who can read the game set-up and execute a plan that entails short-term losses to ensure the ultimate destruction of the opponents. 

    • Sponsor: Mr. Ley Brown
    • Number of participants: 3-7, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $10 for snacks; due at registration

    Life Skills
    There are some skills that everyone should acquire before going out into “the real world”.  However, many of us do not attain them.  In this course, we will look at several skills that are not at all difficult to attain and will help you navigate them through common sense and instruction.  The course will have lessons that I believe are essential and some lessons that you would like to learn.  The cost will be low, as most of the things that will be required are general household items. Some examples of things you will learn are basic automotive skills such as checking and changing oil and changing a tire. You will also learn important skills for living on your own such as budgeting, doing laundry, and cooking simple meals on a budget.  

    • Sponsor: Mr. José Chavira 
    • Number of participants: 4-16, grades 9-12
    • Cost: $50; due at registration

    The Meaning of Life
    We will study Ecclesiastes and explore the purpose of our existence over coffee and/or breakfast. Then we will reflect on what we have studied while hiking local trails around Nashville. We will discuss our struggles while enjoying God's beautiful creation. This will be an unforgettable time of reflection and direction.

    • Sponsor: Mr. Lyle Husband
    • Number of participants: 4-10; grades 9-12
    • Cost: Free; students will need money for breakfast/lunch

    Nutrition and Exercise Exploration
    The purpose of this course is to explore the relationship between nutrition and exercise to find a happy medium.  The course will include participation in various exercise classes around Nashville, such as Hot Yoga, Orange Theory, Title Boxing, Soul Cycle, YMCA group exercise or Barre.  Each class would be completely different to spark an interest in each individual participant.  In addition, we will utilize the BA weight room to learn how to plan and execute a personal workout.

    The nutrition component will include visits to Nashville restaurants specializing in locally grown nutritious meals, such as The Mad Platter, The Wild Cow, Herban Market, and Silly Goose.  We may also visit the downtown Farmer’s Market and one of the farms that supports the above restaurants.  Lastly, we will visit a grocery store to explore the effect of marketing on our dietary choices.

    • Sponsor: Ms. Laura Eldridge
    • Number of participants: 4-12; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $120; due at registration
    • Students will need money for lunch

    Print Nashville
    Have you ever wanted to design and create a t-shirt?  Have you ever wondered how concert posters are made? Print Nashville 2022 is the winterim for you!!!  This winterim will provide hands on experiences in three different types of printmaking in surrounding Nashville studios.  Students will create original art using the printmaking techniques of screen printing, letterpress and monoprints/linoleum.

    We will spend one day visiting Hatch Show Prints in the Music City center downtown. Hatch Show Print is one of America's oldest letterpress shops, in business since 1879. It has created original art for Elvis Presley, Grand Ole Opry stars and contemporary artists like The Black Keys. We will view printmaking in action, take the official printshop tour and participate in a hands-on activity to better understand what letterpress is and how it works. Another day we will visit a local studio for a linoleum printmaking workshop where students will design and carve a linoleum plate and then print it onto a tea towel, wrapping paper or another fabric surface.

    Our final day will be spent in the studios of Hip Hues, a Nashville-based screen-printing company that promotes the art of screen printing with an interactive, hands-on approach. Each student will create an original design and see it through the process of burning the image to create a screen, inking and printing that screen image onto a piece of canvas. We will also be printing a Winterim t-shirt to take home as a keepsake.

    This is a great creative way to spend your Winterim, traveling to different neighborhoods in the city, experiencing different art studios and having lunch together at some Nashville favorites after a morning of art exploration.

    Cost of $175.00 includes instruction, materials, supplies and lunch each day.

    • Sponsor: Mrs. Janet Laws
    • Number of participants: 4-12; grades 9-12
    • Cost: $175, due at registration
    • Students will carpool to the studios

    RAD: Rape Aggression Defense

    The Brentwood Police Department’s R.A.D. program is a 12-hour basic self-defense course. This course is offered for women 13 years of age and up. This is a “go at your own pace” program designed for virtually all fitness and skill levels.

    Benefits of the program include:

    • Learn practical ways to make yourself a hard target in various situations
    • Learn and practice easy, effective, physical techniques to defend yourself in a confrontation
    • The opportunity to use the techniques learned against an aggressor in a controlled environment
    • An empowering experience that gives most women confidence in themselves
    • Lifetime return and practice guarantee

    Sponsors: Mrs. Kerry BauchieroMrs. Heidi Compton

    • Number of participants: 10-22 GIRLS ONLY; grades 9-12
    • Participants must be at least 13 years old.
    • Cost: $40, due at registration

    Sport Psychology
    This course will help students to expand their skills and knowledge in the study of Sport Psychology. Coach Wilhoit has a Masters in Sport Psychology from the University of Tennessee and will also share his experiences using the mental game as a kicker from 2003-2006 & as the Specialist Coach for the Tennessee Titans. 

    Students will spend time in the classroom each day learning the concepts of Sport Psychology & reading excerpts from Bob Rotella’s book Golf is Not a Game of Perfect. They will learn about mental imagery, positive self-talk and quality practice. 

    Students will also participate in activities to test the skills they have learned and to see how students react under pressure. We will also go to Topgolf Nashville and go bowling. Transportation will be provided but lunch will NOT be provided. You may bring a snack or eat at Topgolf & bowling.

    The Study of American Film in the 20th Century
    This film course will study the great films of the past century. All genres will be explored. The selections are from the National Film InstituteStudents will have exposure to silent film, black and white, musicals, comedy, and drama. The list of films will be released at a later date. The course will average two films per day for a total of six.

    Tennessee Outdoor Adventures
    This action-packed, all-boys trip will travel to East Tennessee to enjoy a host of activities in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn the game of paintball, archery, mountain biking, and skiing (weather permitting) In addition to this they will have time to build relationships with classmates and teachers.  There will also be time each day to reflect on God while enjoying the beauty of his creation. This trip will depart on January 4 and return on January 6. 

  • Winter Team Sports (Registration will be in September)

    • Members of the boys' basketball team should register for a local course.
    • Members of the wrestling team should register for the Wrestling Winterim.
    • Members of the girls' basketball team should register for a local course. 
    • Members of the swim team may sign up for any course.
    • Members of the robotics team should check with a coach before signing up for a course. 

    Wrestling in Ft. Lauderdale
    The wrestling team will fly to Ft. Lauderdale, FL on 12/26/22 to enjoy a week of competition, team building, and educational experiences in sunny South Florida. We will compete in a two-day dual tournament at Cardinal Gibbons High School against teams from all over the southeastern US. There will be 5 dual meets on 12/27/22 and another 5 duals on 12/28/22. Upon the completion of the dual tournament, the wrestling team will enjoy a couple of days on the beaches of Fr. Lauderdale. We will possibly offer a deep-sea fishing charter for the team as we learn the skills necessary to land some of the amazing sport fish that inhabit the coastline of South Florida. Other team-building activities might include bowling, go-carts, paintball, or a trip to the Everglades. Details are still being worked out as far as additional activities beyond the competition. The week will end with the team attending the collegiate dual tournament hosted at Cardinal Gibbons High School with collegiate teams from all over the country. This will give our team an opportunity to watch and learn from some of the best wrestling programs in NCAA. 

    *Any wrestler unable to attend the wrestling Winterim must clear it with Coach Wells first and then must register for and attend a local course. 

    • Sponsor: Coach Scott Wells
    • Participants: Members of the wrestling team only
    • Cost: $1000-$1500; $0 due at registration. Coach Wells will provide details.  A 50% non-refundable deposit will be due 8/26/22

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