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Video - May 18, 2020

Distance Learning FAQ

  • Are there Graduation updates?

    Current scheduled dates for Graduation:

    Sunday, May 24 at 6:30 PM - Private Commencement Ceremony (immediate family only)

    Monday, May 25 at 10:30 AM - Rain date for Private Commencement Ceremony

  • When do lockers need to be cleaned out?

    ​There is a NEW DATE for students to clean out their lockers! For your convenience, we have now combined this with textbook buyback and athletic gear return day. 

    May 26 - 29: Please find your grade and date below for athletic gear return, textbook buyback, and clean out lockers.

    • 7th and 9th Grade students: Tuesday, May 26
    • 8th and 11th Grade students: Wednesday, May 27
    • 10th and 12th Grade students: Thursday, May 28
    • 6th Grade students and anyone who missed a previously scheduled time: Friday, May 29

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  • Will the weekly school schedule change to a four-day week?

    Beginning April 13, we will follow a schedule of four-day school weeks. Each Monday and Wednesday will be an A-day, and each Tuesday and Thursday will be a B-day. If we continue in distance learning through the end of the school year, we will follow this pattern through May 19. Calendars in Veracross will be updated to reflect this change.

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  • Will May exams take place?

    • Due to the unexpected and unprecedented way we have had to teach throughout the fourth quarter, we will not have second semester exams in May, 2020.
    • May 13-19     Middle School quarter 4 assessments
      • May 13 - A1/A2 classes and assessments due; Elective A/A3 classes
      • May 14 – B1/B2 classes and assessments due; Elective B/B3 classes
      • May 18 – A1/A2 classes; Elective A/A3 classes and assessments due
      • May 19 – B1/B2 classes; Elective B/B3 classes and assessments due


  • How do students log in to their account?

    • Students should use their password to access their Veracross student account.
    • Students who have difficulty logging into their accounts should email for assistance with the log-in process.

  • How will classes operate?

    • Classes will operate in line with our A-day / B-day schedule. Assignments will be posted and teachers will respond to student questions during scheduled class times, such as 7:45-9:20 AM for a B1 class. Teachers also will be available to help and answer questions most afternoons. The A/B designation for all class days is shown on the class website calendar on Veracross.
    • Teachers will host online meetings in real time at least once per week. Links to Zoom meetings will be posted in Veracross.
    • Assignments will be made and collected on the regular class meeting schedule. Students should check Veracross for daily details.
    • To review a copy of the daily class schedule, click MS Schedule or US Schedule

  • How will attendance be taken?

    • Student attendance will be based on timely responses and submission of work.
    • Students are expected to participate in virtual meetings and submit all assigned work. Communicate with your teacher promptly if you cannot meet a deadline.

  • What is the best way to communicate with my teacher?

    • You may reach your teacher via email to ask questions or to request a voice to voice conversation.
    • Teachers may arrange video conferencing via Zoom in order to have a dialogue with your students. Downloading the Zoom application ahead of time will help students join the first meeting promptly. Students are not required to have a Zoom account and can join classes using the links sent from the teacher.

  • How do I submit homework assignments?

    • Teachers may direct students to turn in assignments in a few different ways. These include sending an email attachment, using, or uploading files to Veracross.
      • All teacher email addresses are
      • Specific instructions for submitting work in Veracross are shown in this file: 
      • Submitting multiple pages of work in Veracross or AP Classroom
        • If you need to submit multiple photos of written work, try using the Notes app on your phone or iPad. Open a new Note, tap the camera icon, then tap Scan Documents. Next, take pictures of each of your work pages. Multiple pictures can go into a single note and can be saved as a single pdf file. This can be faster for you to submit and easier for your teachers to read.

  • Will Academic Support (E3) and Middle School Academic Two-a-Days be available online?

    E3: Evening Education Empowerment and Academic Two-a-Days will now take on a new role in the digital world: Every day Education Empowerment. Students/parents can submit a request to the Student Academic Support (SAS) office by filling out the Academic Intake Form on the Academic Support webpage. The request will be routed to their classroom teacher(s) who will address the issues, and if added help is needed the teacher will submit the recommendations to the SAS office and the office will direct the recommendations to the proper staff for a scheduled tutorial time.

    Academic Support
  • Who do I contact with questions about AP Exams?

    • Teachers of AP classes will communicate details of the content and format for their course exam.
    • Our AP Coordinator, Shelley Miller, will be happy to address any questions you have about exam payment, dates, times, format and more. She can be reached at

  • Who do I contact with questions about the College Admission Process?

    Our College Counseling Office is ready and eager to help all students. Whether you are a senior with questions about choosing a college or enrolling in your chosen school, a junior inquiring about SAT and ACT tests or visiting college campuses, our counselors are ready to connect via email, phone or even zoom. Please email our College Counselors Shelley Miller or Courtney Williams to engage in these important conversations.

  • Will Weekly Remote Athletic Training be Available?

    Middle School Remote Athletic Training-Week 7

    Remote athletic training is winding down for the semester.  There will be one more week after week 7. Below is the training regimen for week 7.  Hope you enjoy being outdoors while doing your workouts. In addition to our remote training, Coach Eldridge, a certified nutritionist as well as stellar BA coach, has worked up a nutrition plan for student-athletes as well as families who may be interested.

    Middle School Remote Athletic Training-Week 7.docx

    Nutrition for Athletes COVID-19.docx

    Nutrition&Wellness During COVID-19.docx


    Upper School Remote Athletic Training-Week 7

    Welcome to week 7 of remote athletic training. This will be the last week of training for the class of 2020.  Enjoy the attached workout program. In addition to our remote training, Coach Laura Eldridge, a certified nutritionist as well as stellar BA coach, has designed a nutrition plan for student-athletes as well as families who may be interested.

    Upper School Remote Athletic Training-Week 7.docx

    Nutrition for Athletes COVID-19.docx

    Nutrition&Wellness During COVID-19.docx

    Spring sport coaches may have already provided remote workout plans to their teams. In such case, you can substitute that plan for these provided here. Please feel free to contact Coach Sutton or Coach White if you have questions.

  • Where do I find emotional and social resources for my child?

    The student support team has launched a blog with parent and student resources. These resources are meant to support the emotional and social health of our BA students and families. Click HERE to visit the student support webpage where you can read our new blog. If you have any specific needs or questions please contact Alyssa Hall or Cookie Newton at or

  • Will parent Bible studies continue?

    Most Bible studies will take place via Zoom. Please contact your grade level leader for the Zoom link. Leaders can be found on the BA Moms’ Bible Studies page of the website. 

    If you have never participated, it’s not too late!

    6th Grade: TBD

    7th Grade: Thursday from 12:30-1:15 PM

    8th Grade: TBD

    9th Grade: Monday from 1:30-2:15 PM

    10th Grade: Wednesday from 12:00-12:45 PM

    11th Grade: Wednesday from 11:30 AM-1:00 PM

    12th Grade: Thursday from 9:30-10:30 AM


    If you’re interested in joining a weekly prayer group via GroupMe, please contact Amy Butler at

  • What is proper Zoom etiquette for students?

    Proper Zoom Etiquette for Students:

    1. Be on time to each Zoom session you attend. 
    2. Develop a designated place to work (excluding bed) that is free from distractions.
    3. Avoid distracting activities such as eating, using your cell phone or doing anything that might distract others.
    4. Be appropriately dressed to interact with others in a professional environment. 
    5. Do NOT record or post any part of a Zoom class on social media. Respect the privacy of your instructor and your classmates.

  • Where do I go for help if I am not receiving emails from Brentwood Academy?

    If you are having trouble receiving emails from Brentwood Academy, please visit the Communications Support page for helpful information. 

  • Whom do I contact for different needs?

    Technology: Email

    Christian Life: Rian Berger

    Emotional Support and Resources: Alyssa Hall or Cookie Newton

    College Counseling: Shelley Miller or Courtney Williams at

    Business Office: Jason Oggs


     School Leadership:

    Academic Department Chairs:
    Math Chair – Bonnie Hall

    Fine Arts – Jenny Oldham 

    English – Cameron Phillips

    History – Mike Vazquez

    Science – Jeff Bryant

    World Languages – Molly Martin

    Religion – Rian Berger


    6th Chair – Jennifer Ann Clark

    7th Chair – Tim Reid

    8th Chair - Warren Bezuidenhout

    9th Chair – Cookie Newton

    10th Chair – Shannon Frost

    11th Chair – Paul Battaglia

    12th  Chair – Brad Perry


Virtual Chapel 5/20/2020

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