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Distance Learning FAQ

  • Can a student choose to take their classes from home?

    All students who are healthy should come to school to have all the growth experiences in the BA school day. However, if there are special circumstances, families may complete a request for distance learning and submit it to the appropriate school director. The classroom waiver form can be found here.

  • What if a student becomes sick during the school day?

    Students who develop symptoms of illness during the day will be separated from other students and monitored by a designated staff member until a parent can pick up their child or give permission for them to drive home. 

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  • Will the schedule change if the whole school has to switch to distance learning?

    We anticipate that distance learning times will be temporary, so we will follow the same weekly and daily schedule as if classes were meeting on campus.

  • How do I join classes from home?

    Students who are learning from home are expected to follow all of the policies and procedures below. 

      • Students must join each class using Microsoft Teams promptly at the scheduled start time.
        • Teachers will submit attendance, both absences and tardies, according to the regular daily bell schedule of in-person classes.
      • Please click the following link to view a tutorial on setting up your BA email account and joining a class using Microsoft Teams.
      • Students must be visible to the teacher, in compliance with the dress code, and must follow school rules while participating in classes by video conference.
        • Students may not record or distribute any part of their class sessions. They should listen and take notes in real time as if in the classroom.
      • If a student in distance learning must miss a class for any reason, a parent must notify the office via email or the attendance hotline according to the expectations in the Student-Parent Handbook.
      • Due dates for assignments and late work policies will apply to students in distance learning as for students in the classroom.
      • If there are technical differences in doing an assignment at home versus in the classroom, students should ask their teachers to clarify any questions about work expectations.
      • Students will find all assignment information and grades in Veracross in the same manner as attending classes in person.
        • Teachers will make themselves available for questions and help sessions outside of class time.
      • Students in distance learning will be part of an advisory group and must join advisory meetings on time.
      • Students will be added to Teams for joining assemblies during activity periods.

    Teachers will work to include students in distance learning as much as possible in lessons and class activities. Please contact your teacher with any questions about how to make the distance-learning experience better.

  • What is the best way to communicate with my teacher?

    • You may reach your teacher via email to ask questions or to request a voice to voice conversation.
    • Teachers may arrange video conferencing via Teams in order to have dialogue with individual students. 

  • Where do I find emotional and social resources for my child?

    The student support team has launched a blog with parent and student resources. These resources are meant to support the emotional and social health of our BA students and families. Click HERE to visit the student support webpage where you can read our new blog. If you have any specific needs or questions please contact Alyssa Hall or Cookie Newton at or

  • What is proper Teams etiquette for students?

    Proper Teams Etiquette for Students:

    1. Be on time to each Teams session you attend. 
    2. Develop a designated place to work (excluding bed) that is free from distractions.
    3. Avoid distracting activities such as eating, using your cell phone or doing anything that might distract others.
    4. Be appropriately dressed to interact with others in a professional environment. 
    5. Do NOT record or post any part of a Teams class on social media. Respect the privacy of your instructor and your classmates.

  • Where do I go for help if I am not receiving emails from Brentwood Academy?

    Please review the distance learning video. You may find that HERE. If you need with your password, contact your grade chair or Mr. Bryant at


  • Whom do I contact for different needs?

    Technology: Email

    Christian Life: Rian Berger

    Emotional Support and Resources: Alyssa Hall or Cookie Newton

    College Counseling: Shelley Miller or Courtney Williams at

    Business Office: Jason Oggs


     School Leadership:

    Academic Department Chairs:
    Math Chair – Bonnie Hall

    Fine Arts – Jenny Oldham 

    English – Cameron Phillips

    History – Mike Vazquez

    Science – Jeff Bryant

    World Languages – Molly Martin

    Religion – Rian Berger


    6th Chair – Jennifer Ann Clark

    7th Chair – Tim Reid

    8th Chair - Warren Bezuidenhout

    9th Chair – Cookie Newton

    10th Chair – Shannon Frost

    11th Chair – Paul Battaglia

    12th  Chair – Brad Perry


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