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Christian Life

Chapel at BA

Chapel is a special time for our students to go deeper in God's Word and to hear messages from faculty, fellow students, and outside speakers. The upper school meets for chapel on Tuesdays at 9:20 in the upper school gym. The middle school meets for chapel every Wednesday at 9:20 in the middle school gym. Parents, grandparents, and alumni are always welcome to join us for these special times of devotion.

Chapel Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of all upper school chapels are available online on the Brentwood Academy Media Gallery.

Evidence for the Resurrection - Did Jesus’s disciples steal his body? Did he just pass out and not die? Did the supposed eyewitnesses just experience a mass hallucination? Did Jesus have a twin? We will look at the pros and cons of these and other alternate theories as we make a case for the resurrection of Jesus as the most likely explanation for the empty tomb and, indeed, the most important event in all of human history. Mr. Matt Brown will lead this session.

Ideas for Studying Your Bible – In this session we will discuss the importance of regular Bible reading and apply a simple and practical idea that has blessed Mr. Husband in his own personal Bible study.  Please come with your Bibles ready to read, observe, and pray over a passage of scripture. Mr. Husband will lead this session.

Faith & Politics - In an election year it is important to consider how our faith should impact the way we treat people on both sides of the aisle.  This session will examine what political discourse should look like in a highly politicized society, using Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address and the Sermon on the Mount as a guide. Dr. Widmaier will lead this session.

Practicing Practical Presence – Students today are very busy and most admit they need help with time management. Sometimes practicing our faith can be pushed past our other priorities. In this discussion-focused session, students will explore ways to practice the presence of God during their day to day activities. The discussion will focus on changing how we do what we already do. Mrs. Alyssa Hall will lead this session.

Senior Testimony – Seniors give their personal testimony of what Christ has done and is doing in their lives. Mrs. Atkins will lead this session.

When Christianity Isn’t Working – “Surely God is good…but as for me, my feet had almost stumbled” (Psalm 73). What do we do when we cannot seem to get any traction with God?  Why does it seem to work for everyone else? (Or are some just faking it?)  We use this Psalm from Asaph to try to diagnose both the spiritual condition and the remedy for when we have doubts about Christianity as a viable choice for how we orient our lives. Mr. Cox will lead this session.

Racial Unity & The Christian Life - How should Christians think about the racial, cultural and social divides that we see in our communities and world today? The Biblical witness and Jesus himself has much to say including the reality that as image bearers of God and followers of the risen Christ, we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. In this session, we will look at our reconciling and peace making God and how His witness and work equips believers to tear down dividing walls of hostility and be instruments of racial unity in our community today. Mr. Perry will lead this session.

U Mad? – Most people struggle with anger or bitterness at some point in their life. Left unattended or undealt with, anger and bitterness can spread like roots throughout every area of our lives. (Hebrews 12:15) This session will encourage students to live free from the bondage of anger through the power of God’s forgiveness. Mr. Berger and Mr. Groves will lead this session.

Dating 101 – Mr. and Mrs. Vazquez will tell their story about how they dated through high school, including three years long-distance, and then got married after graduating from college. Their talk will address dating relationships, including the role of faith, setting boundaries, awareness of generational patterns, and intentionally seeking role models.

Addiction & Recovery – This session will inform students about 1.) factors/choices/behaviors that might put people at risk for addiction 2.) behaviors that could indicate a person is active in addiction 3.) recovery resources that are available as well as healthy coping skills. We will use scripture passages such as 1 Peter 5:10, Psalm 50:15, Romans 5:3-5, Hebrews 4:15-16 , and Matthew 11:28-30 as our guides for healthy living, both physically and spiritually. Mr. Ker will lead this session.

Faith over Fear - God desires our faith to grow, and this session will discuss how we are instructed through Scripture to develop a faith that conquers our fears. In this session, Mrs. Frost will share her personal testimony of times when she has been overcome by fear and how stepping out on faith brought forth abundant blessings.


MS Chapel - Bible Karate Actions

  • Old Testament Actions

    1. GOD
    2. Creation
    3. Fall
    4. Flood
    5. Genealogies
    6.  Tower of Babel
    7. Job
    8. Abraham
    9. Isaac
    10. Jacob
    11. 12 tribes of Israel
    12. Joseph
    13. Egypt
    14. Moses
    15. 10 Plagues
    16. Red Sea
    17. Mount Sinai
    18. 10 Commandments
    19. Golden Calf
    20. 12 spies
    21. Wanders | Dies
    22. Joshua
    23. Promised Land
    24. Jericho
    25. Idols
    26. Judges
    27. Kings
    28. Prophets
    29. Babylon
    30. Israel Restored
    31. 400 years of silence

  • New Testament Actions

    1. Virgin Birth of Christ
    2. Deity of Christ
    3. Ministry of Christ
    4. Crucifixion of Christ
    5. Resurrection of Christ
    6. Law Fulfilled
    7. Ascension of Christ
    8. 2nd Coming Promised
    9. Holy Spirit Comes
    10. Letters Read
    11. Gospel Spreads
    12. Revelation
    13. New Heaven & New Earth

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