Middle School Soccer FAQ

Brentwood Academy Middle School Basketball FAQs


How many basketball teams does BA field?  There is a MS A-team (varsity) and MS B-team (JV)  for both boys’ and girls’. Only 7th and 8th grade students are on the four MS basketball teams.  MS teams do not operate independently of each other.

Do or can 6th graders tryout with the MS teams? No, 6th graders will have one boys’ team and one girls’ team and will conduct their own tryout process.  The 6th grade team is independent of the MS teams.

How many players are kept on the team? We do not set an artificial number of participants on each team.  We assess how many kids are trying out.  We assess the ability, skill, and potential level relative to the entire group trying out.  Also, coaches attempt to assess position groups.  Essentially, coaches will attempt to determine if a player may fill a potential roll.

How long is the season?  The season begins the Monday after Thanksgiving and concludes with the HVAC tournament in mid-February.

Can players be on teams outside of BA?  This is the coach’s discretion.  We understand that most kids playing basketball have a summer/travel/AAU team.  However, during the BA season, we ask and expect that our school season and school team take priority.

What is the DGYBL?  The Darius Garland Youth Basketball League is a league that operates in town throughout the fall and winter.  Teams made up of BA students have participated in this league in the past, but teams are independent of our school team





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