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  • Year-At-A-Glance
  • Athletics: Summer Team Information and Contact Information
  • Attendance

    During the school year, Brentwood Academy will continue to emphasize the value of instructional time. Brentwood Academy expects families to commit their students to attending every school day of the semester, barring serious illness or other family emergency. We expect students to be in school and on time to each class every day.

    When a student is absent, a parent MUST call the attendance hotline or email the MS/US receptionist to report the absence and the reason for the absence. Unless the school receives a call, the absence will be unexcused.

    Attendance Hotline Phone Numbers

    Middle School: 615-523-0630

    Upper School: 615-373-9120

    Excused Absences

    The following are approved reasons for school absence:

    • Personal illness (doctor’s note required after three consecutive)
    • Death in the family
    • Family emergencies involving illness, injury, or death
    • Required court appearances
    • Parent request (limited to five days per year); prior approval at least three days in advance by the dean of students/middle school director.
    • Students should submit assignments before the absence occurs.
    • Juniors and seniors are allowed two college visitation days per school year. Advance approval by the college counselor is required, and students must bring back documentation from the college visited.

    Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals 

    Any student who arrives late to school or is leaving school early is REQUIRED to sign in/out with the MS/US school office and his/her parent MUST communicate with the MS/US receptionist.  

  • Bookstore

    The BA Bookstore is where Eagle fans can find all your spirit gear. For spirit gear questions, contact Deborah Rittiner at

    Regular bookstore hours (during the school year)

    Monday-Thursday | 7:15-8:15AM & 2:30-3:30 PM

    Friday | 8:00AM-2:00 PM

    Summer hours
    The bookstore is closed in June for inventory. Between July 1 and Registration Day, the bookstore is open by appointment only. For spirit gear appointments, contact Deborah Rittiner at

    Be sure to visit the online Brentwood Academy Bookstore via

  • Bridges - New Upper School Student Orientation

    Welcome to Bridges! Upper School students will have two sessions to choose from for the Bridges workshop. Please see times below for the June and July sessions. 

    • June 5-7 from 8:00 AM -2:00 PM
    • July 17-19 from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    Upper School Parents Orientation Meeting: June 5 or July 17 at 8:00 AM in Library Round Room

    Upper School Parent Letter

  • Contact Information

    Any of the individuals listed below can be contacted by email by using this format:

    Admission Office: ReJean Rouse (615)-523-0611 X335

    Athletics: Teri Calmus (615)-467-0993 

    Bookstore: Jason Oggs (615)-523-0621 

    Bridges Program: Brittainy Tomichek (615)-523-0611 X312

    Business Office: Jason Oggs (615)-523-0621

    College Counseling: Brian Beckley (615)-373-0611 X118

    Communications: Holly Grenvicz (615)-373-0611 X129

    Student Support & Family Life: Alyssa Hall (615)-373-0611 X157

    Financial Aid: Corey Sargent (615)-523-0611 X334 

    Fine Arts: Matt Nygren (615)-373-0611 X117

    Middle School Office: Kim Elliott (615)-523-0611 X300

    Registrar: Jen Beckley (615)-724-3403 

    Robotics: Chris Allen (615)-373-0611 X198

    Summer Camps: Chandler Ganick (615)-373-0611 X156

    Tuition/FACTS: Lisa Greene (615)-306-1912

    Upper School Office: Cathy Locke (615)-373-0611 x100

    Veracross (Portals): Tina Finley (615)-373-0611 x605

  • FACTS Online Tuition Payment Information

    Brentwood Academy utilizes FACTS for all tuition payments. FACTS is a secure online payment service that offers multiple payment plan options via credit card, automatic bank draft, and invoice.

    FACTS Account Registration Instructions

    FACTS Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions about payments or need to adjust timing of withdraws, please contact Lisa Greene at

  • Fine Arts Information



    Academy Juniors
    This extra-curricular vocal ensemble is auditioned from the middle school chorus elective classes. Selected students dive deeper into music by learning more advanced repertoire, ranging from pop to sacred music styles, and have additional solo opportunities. Currently, Academy Juniors rehearse once per week during Chorus or study hall and most Friday mornings before school. Auditions are held in August prior to registration. Contact Ally Hard at

    MS Drama Production
    Auditions for the Middle School drama production will be in the fall semester. This show is open to Grades 6-8 for both acting and technical support roles.  In order to audition, students must complete a conflict form outlining any dates for which they will not be available. Contact Holly Shepherd at

    MS Dance PE 
    This dance offering satisfies the PE requirement for any MS student wanting to improve her dance skills. The dancers meet Monday-Thursday from 2:10 - 3:00 PM. Whether the student is a serious or beginner dancer, they are able to study and develop technique in jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and hip-hop genres. PE Dance is a semester long requirement. There is a recital commitment for the Spring semester. Contact Robyne Kennedy at

    MS Academy Dancers (audition required)
    This group is an auditioned group of intermediate to advanced dancers in grades 6-8. Girls in this group must commit to the practice and performance schedule. The Middle School Academy dancers will dance at home (MS) football games, pep rallies, (MS) basketball games, some varsity football and basketball games, and the Spring Dance Show. MS Academy Dancers will be required to attend summer dance practices that are mandatory, and each girl will be responsible for the fees as well as dance wear costs to be determined. Dancers of all levels are welcomed at auditions. Please email Robyne Kennedy to obtain a tryout packet after April 1. Tryout Clinics will be held in May. The clinics are the audition. Contact Robyne Kennedy at

    MS Speech (Forensics) – no audition required
    Speech (Forensics) is an extra-curricular activity that allows students to showcase their speaking and acting skills in a competitive arena. Categories include Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, Prose and Poetry. Contact Cari Cheetwood at

    MS Band
    Our Beginning and Intermediate Bands meet as classes in the curriculum during the school day. They are both traditional wind bands that include brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Students are instructed in instrumental technique, music literacy, and performance skills. Beginning Band is for students who have never played a traditional wind band instrument before. Intermediate Band is for students who have had at least one year of school band experience or comparable instruction. No audition is required for either band. Contact Jeffrey Wills for details at 


    US Fall Play
    Our upper school presents a straight show each fall. Both actors as well as technical support will be sought. Auditions are typically held right after school starts with rehearsals beginning in late August. Contact Holly Shepherd at

    US Spring Musical
    Our upper school musical is presented in April.  Rehearsals will run throughout second semester.  Auditions for this show will be held in November.  In order to audition, students must complete a conflict form outlining any dates for which they will not be available. Contact Holly Shepherd at

    US Academy Dancers (audition required)
    Auditions are open to all rising 9th–12th grade girls. There is an intense workout and practice commitment required of this group that will be fully outlined in information available through Mrs. Kennedy. All dancers must commit to the practice and performance schedule. The Upper School Academy Dancers perform at home varsity football games, home basketball games, pep rallies, TSSAA State Dance Competition in November, Nationals in March and the Spring dance show in May. Dancers will be expected to make the necessary time commitment after reviewing details outlined in the tryout packet. US Academy Dancers will be required to attend summer dance practices that are mandatory, and each girl will be responsible for the fees as well as dance wear costs to be determined. Please email Robyne Kennedy to obtain a tryout packet on April 1. Tryout Clinics will be held May 25th from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and May 26th from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM.Tryout packets are available from Mrs. Kennedy. Application and intent paperwork is due May 19. The clinics are the audition. Contact Robyne Kennedy at

    US Academy Singers (audition required)

    The Academy Singers is a vocal ensemble that meets as a class for the entire school year with the goal of performing throughout the year, as well as recording a professional quality CD.

    Academy Singers audition sign-up sheets are outside the fine arts office behind the theatre.

    Interested students need to sign up for a sight-reading session on Monday, May 15th between 7 AM and 3 PM. Singing auditions will be also be on Monday, May 15th from 3-6 PM in the chorus room. You must stay for this entire time. See Mr. Wise or Mr. Nygren for details.

    Jazz and Rock band auditions will be Wednesday, May 17th from 3-6 PM in the band room. Sign-up sheets are now posted on the bulletin board by the band room. See Mr. Wills or Mr. Nygren for details.

    Audition Criteria:

    • Solo Performance - Students will be asked to prepare 30-seconds or 16 bars of a song in any style (Tracks optional). If using a track, it must be submitted, WITH edit point clearly stated, by May 9th. The song they chose must reflect the strongest part of their voice. Song choice should allow for the student to demonstrate strength of range and vocal quality, and students should deliver the song with a confident and poised stage presence.
    • Sight-Reading - Students will be asked to sight-read a short melody, using any neutral syllable (na,na,na) solfege (do re mi fa) or numbers (1, 2, 3). Examples can be found on the website under AUDITION.
    • Part-Singing - Students will be asked to sing a harmony part (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or bass) of a short musical excerpt. The ability to blend, adapt to the musical style, and perform with good intonation (pitch) are important parts of this criterion.
    • Stage Presence - Students should sing with good stage presence (visually expressive, able to perform in a convincing manner appropriate to the style of the song.
    • Attitude and Commitment -  The Academy Singers is a team sport that is only as strong as its weakest link. Each member will be required to commit to learning his/her part, maintain a high moral standard, and a positive attitude throughout the year.

    Please contact David Wise at

    US Speech (Forensics) – no audition required for participation 

    Speech (Forensics) is an extra-curricular activity that allows students to showcase their speaking and acting skills in a competitive arena. Categories include Humorous Interpretation, Improvisational Duet Acting, Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Prose Interpretation and Poetry Interpretation. Upper School students should contact Austin Groves at

    US Concert Band - Concert Band is a continuation of the wind band track that begins in middle school. Concert Band meets as a class in the curriculum during the entire school year and plays classical, modern, and contemporary wind band music from the best composers and arrangers for school bands. The full band performs a Christmas concert and a spring concert each year. Concert Band members also perform one chamber music program each semester as subsets of the whole band, which are The Woodwind Ensemble, The Brass Ensemble, and The Percussion Ensemble. All of the bands meet as individual sections (woodwind, upper brass, lower brass and percussion) with their own section specific instructor. This allows students to receive daily instruction for thier particular instruments without sacrificing teaching time to other sections of the bands. No audition is required, but prior school band experience is a pre-requisite. Contact Jeffrey Wills for details at . 

    US Jazz Band - (audition required) 

    Our Upper School Jazz Ensemble meets as a class in the curriculum during the entire school year.  Brass and woodwind students must also be in the concert band in order to participate in the Jazz Ensemble. Exceptions are made only for academic scheduling concerns. Guitarists, pianists and drummers who do not play a concert band instrument may participate in jazz band (without being in concert band). Our jazz ensemble is a traditional jazz band covering all of the major jazz styles (swing, latin, be-bop, fusion, etc.) with an emphasis on the theory and skills required for jazz improvisation. Auditions will be held in May. If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Wills for details at 

    US Contemporary Music Ensemble/Rock Band - (audition required)
    This versatile group plays current pop music, classic rock, and contemporary Christian music and serves instrumentalists who play drums, keyboards, bass, and guitar.  This group also meets as a class for the entire year. Auditions will be held in May. If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Wills for details at 

  • Grandparents Day - A BA Tradition

    Each year our development team hosts our annual Encourager Campaign and Brentwood Academy Grandparents' Day event! Please help us ensure that all our BA grandparents receive communication about these fun opportunities which include receiving both physical invitations via mail and updates of other happenings via e-mail. New parents: once your Parent Portal is set up, please be sure to add your child's grandparents' contact information (titles, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails). If entering two grandparents who are married please start with the husband. 

    Grandparent Event Timeline

    October: We invite grandparents to join our Encourager Campaign by writing a note of encouragement to their grandchildren as they prepare for first semester exams. A letter with a pre-printed note card and postage-paid return envelope will be sent by mail in early October. All notes are due back by November 1, 2023 and will be placed in students' lockers during exam week.  

    April: Our on-campus Grandparents' Day Celebration is a much-loved BA tradition that will take place on April 19, 2024Invitations will be sent in the mail in March. 

    Note: We know that every student may not have a grandparent who is able to participate so we also provide the option for a special guest to be included in lieu of a grandparent. Special guest contact information should be submitted seperately by email to Jennifer Barberie. 

    If you have any questions about either the Encourager Campaign or Grandparents' Day or to submit the contact information for a special guest, please contact Jennifer Barberie,

    Learn More
  • Magnus - Health Portal

    Brentwood Academy uses the Magnus Health Software/App to maintain your student’s health forms and medical information. Updated records are required for each school year and allow your student(s) the ability to participate in BA’s physical education and sports programs. Once you have received access to your Veracross parent portal at the end of June/early July, you will be able to sign in to your Magnus Portal. It can be found in your toolbar, and is a direct link to your student’s health information. You will need to complete the health tracker, and upload any required material prior to July 24, 2023. TSSAA requires all pre-participation physicals to be dated/signed after April 15th of the incoming year. Your doctor’s office will have this form.

    If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact Kim Elliott at

  • Meal Plan/Dining Information

    2022-2023 Meal Plan  

    Meal Plan Options

    Dining Hall Premium Items

    2023-2024 Meal Plan Details Coming Soon! 

  • New Student Acclimation Groups

    Big Brother/Big Sister Program - Rising 6th/7th Graders

    This student-led program exists to acclimate new 6th/7th grade students to Brentwood Academy and to guide them in philosophy and atmosphere of the school. This group is open to all 11th and 12th grade students who want to be a part of it. New 6th and 7th grade students are assigned a junior and senior to serve as a Big Brother or Big Sister. The intention of this program is for our Big Brothers and Sisters to form families with their friends and their little Brothers and Sisters as a way to facilitate interaction and community prior to start of school. The Office of Admission serves as advisors to the Big Brother/Big Sister program.

    Grade Buddy Program - 8th-12th Graders 

    The grade buddy program is designed to serve new 8th-12th graders in their transition to Brentwood Academy. Each new 8th-12th grade student is paired with a current BA student in his or her grade who serves in the Student Ambassador program.

  • Parent Involvement

    The BA Parents' Association (BAPA) furthers the mission of Brentwood Academy by supporting academic and community-building programs through volunteerism and fundraising events.

    Parents are encouraged to get involved in the life of the school. Some of volunteer roles that BAPA coordinates are football gates, parking and concessions, Back to School Bash, Grandparents Day, and many more. 

    If you are interested in receiving communication about opportunities to volunteer, please complete the volunteer interest form linked below. 

    Click Here to Volunteer!
  • Pick-up/Drop-Off & Campus Map

    School begins each day at 7:45 AM. Middle school students may be dropped off and picked up at the middle school accessible via the north entrance on campus (view or download pdf below).

    Upper school students may be dropped off and picked up at the main entrances along Granny White Pike (at the bell tower or the administration lobby entrance) or at the Fine Arts Center entrance. These are all accessible via the south entrance on campus.

    For students driving to campus, vehicle registration information will be made available in the registration process.

    Exterior doors are locked after 7:45 AM for security purposes. If you arrive after this time, please enter the upper school through the administrative lobby entrance and the middle school through the main middle school entrance. There, you will sign in and receive a name tag.

    Pick up times vary according to a student's participation in PE or team sports at the end of each day. Please refer to your child's individual schedule.

    Campus Map (PDF)
  • Registration Day

    2023-2024 Registration Day

    August 7 from 6:30 AM - 11:30 AM

    Registration Day is held in-person and is required for all students. At registration, you will have your school picture taken, purchase books, purchase the Daily Meal Plan (optional), and make other important arrangements.

  • Robotics

    2023-2024 IRON EAGLES Robotics Team

    Grades 7th-12th

    The Iron Eagles 9364 Robotics Team celebrated its 10th season in 2022-2023 and is one of the most highly decorated programs in the United States.  As the reigning Tennessee State Champions, our program qualified four teams to compete at the 2023 VEX World Championship this year alone. We provide customized summer training to give incoming team members the fundamentals of competition robotics, as well as more advanced trainings for returning team members. Our program benefits from the collective expertise of some of the most highly skilled coaches and mentors of any team in the region. Our robotics alumni have received scholarships to attend some of the top engineering universities in the country, including MIT, Purdue, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, and the US Naval Academy, and often return as coaches, mentors, and volunteers to inspire the next generation. Students commit varying levels of time to robotics, ranging from one or two afternoons per week for students who participate in other sports and activities, through 4-5 days a week for the most involved students.

    The current game is called "Spin Up". Check out videos from this season here: The new 2023-24 game will be revealed at the World Championship on April 27. 

    IRON EAGLES Interest?

    STUDENTS! If you are interested in trying out for the world-renowned Brentwood Academy IRON EAGLES Robotics team, please complete this interest form to receive additional information.


    Team capacity is limited

  • School Uniform

    The Brentwood Academy uniform consists of khakis and polo for boys, and plaid skirt and polo for girls. There are a variety of outerwear options for all students. 

    You may visit our on-line store by clicking HERE

    Uniforms may also be purchased at Max & Alice School Uniforms.

    Other helpful information:

    Max&Alice School Uniforms
    325 Powell Ave, Suite B
    Nashville, TN 37209

  • Student Support Resources

    Emotional/Social Support

    The Student Support team at Brentwood Academy works collaboratively with BA teachers, coaches, and administrators to give our full support to each of our students personally and socially. In addition, we provide resources and partnering events to our BA families to provide a collective approach for meeting the needs of each whole student.

    School Counselor: Alyssa Hall |
    Learn More About Emotional/Social Support! 

    Spiritual Support 

    Director of Christian Life: Freddie Scott |

    MS Director of Christian Life: JD Binger |
    Learn More About Christian Life! 

    Academic Support

    Under the leadership of Dr. Rene Rochester, Student Academic Support (SAS) provides support to assist students in reaching their full academic and personal potential.

    Dean of Student Academic Support: Dr. Rene Rochester |

    Learn More About Academic Support! 

  • Summer Camps at BA

    Our summer programs are an extension of our mission to nurture and challenge each whole person. Students are welcomed, supported, and inspired by teachers, coaches, and staff. We invite your family to join us and experience Summer at BA. We offer a wide variety of athletic, academic and fine arts camps each summer for ages 5-18.


    Summer at BA
  • Summer Math

    Without practice, students may lose new mathematical knowledge or see a decline in basic skills over the summer months. With consistent practice students do not require as much review and are able to better connect new concepts with previously learned material. Therefore, summer math work is required for all middle school students.  

    Please follow the link below to see your student's summer math assignment.

    Summer Math Assignments
  • Summer Reading Enrichment for 2023-2024 Upper School Students

    During the month of July and early August, Mr. Lyle Husband will offer a weeklong summer reading session for each upper school grade level to help improve the summer reading experience. During this time, the students and Mr. Husband will read aloud the required summer reading book and discuss it intensively.

    As you may know, students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of summer reading texts in a variety of ways during August and September. Several assessments early in the school year are tied to summer reading, and the work we do will be a very valuable step toward a great start of the school year. This enrichment program is $100, open to anyone, organized by grade level, and has the potential to positively impact the students’ first quarter averages.

    During this time together, students will read aloud the required text, focusing on reading speed, accuracy, phrasing, and expression. Students will also learn valuable reading strategies and complete graphic organizers to aid the understanding of character analysis and important themes. In short, students who take advantage of this opportunity will be more prepared and confident as they begin school in August.

    Each student needs to bring the required summer reading book and pens and pencils. All meetings will be in Mr. Husband's classroom in the Freshmen Hall, room 205.

    Summer 2023-2024 Upper School Reading List:

    9th Grade: July 10-14 3:30-5:30 A Separate Peace by John Knowles ISBN: 978-0743253970:

    10th Grade: July 17-21 3:30-5:30 The Crucible by Arthur Miller ISBN 0-14-243733-6

    11th Grade: July 24-28 3:30-5:30 Atomic Habits by James Clear ISBN: 0735211299

    12th Grade: July 31-Aug 4 3:30-5:30 Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens ISBN: 978073521911

    Click here to register:


    Please contact me with any questions,

    Lyle Husband

  • Summer Reading and Supply List 2023-2024

    2023-2024 Summer Reading and Supply List

    From math to world languages, Brentwood Academy is committed to imparting lifelong skills. We focus on critical thinking, developing natural talents, broadening knowledge and fostering spiritual growth, ultimately preparing students for college and adult life. 

    Sixth Grade Summer Reading 

    Seventh Grade Summer Reading (updated 5/3/23)

    Eighth Grade Summer Reading 

    Ninth Grade Honors Summer Reading 

    Ninth Grade Standard Summer Reading 

    Tenth Grade Honors Summer Reading 

    Tenth Grade Standard Summer Reading 

    Eleventh Grade Honors Summer Reading 

    Eleventh Grade Standard Summer Reading 

    Twelfth Grade Honors Summer Reading 

    Twelfth Grade Standard Summer Reading 

    AP Language 

    AP Literature 


    6th Grade Supply List 

    7th Grade Supply List 

    8th Grade Supply List 

    Upper School Supply List

  • Vision Screening

    As a service to all incoming students, we will be providing evaluations of visual skills that are not often assessed in a routine vision exam but are important for reading and processing. These evaluations will take place on June 14 and July 12 from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM in the downstairs study hall. Evaluations, which take about 15 minutes, will identify areas where visual skills can be strengthened, thus increasing the opportunity for academic success.

    Please use the below link to sign up for a vision screening.

    If you have any questions, please contact Amy Clarke at

  • Veracross

    Brentwood Academy utilizes Veracross as our Student Information Management Database. Veracross will be the host of your parent portal, a place where you can update personal information, peruse the school directory, or check out your student’s schedule/grades. 

    Veracross Parent Portals are created for new parents at the end of June/early July. You will receive email communication when your portals are created and ready for you to access along with instructions on how to navigate it. Until you receive this communication, please disregard any requests/needs for you to access your parent portal. 

    How to login to your Veracross Parent Portal account? 

    • Visit to the password that you used for your Admissions portal.  If you do not remember that password, or it does not work, click the “can’t access your account” link.  You can reset your password at that point.

    BA Eagles Student Email 
    Every Brentwood Academy Student has a BA Eagles email that is used for faculty/staff/coaches to communicate directly with students throughout the school year. At this time, all New BA Student emails will be created at the start of summer. 

    How do students log in to their account?

    • Students should use their password to access their Veracross student account.
    • Students who have difficulty logging into their accounts should email for assistance with the log-in process.

    Many Veracross questions can be answered on the Veracross FAQ sheet. Click HERE to access the FAQ sheet. 


Friday, Oct 28, 2022
US Varsity Football v. Memphis University School -SENIOR NIGHT
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022
US Varsity Boys Basketball v. Providence Christian Academy
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022
US Varsity Girls Basketball @ Providence Christian