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Please accept the following as resources. The student support team suggests that you seek out the most appropriate resources for your child’s needs and your family values.

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Alyssa Hall

School Counselor

Alyssa Hall is a licensed professional school counselor who holds a master of science degree in school and clinical counseling and an educational specialist degree in professional counseling. Her student services include meeting individually with students based on referrals, helping provide character development in class lessons and through the advisory program, and building rapport with students by being involved in multiple facets of the students' school life. Her role as the school counselor includes providing a trained listening ear to students, teaching self-care wellness tools to students when appropriate and referring students with on-going needs to mental health providers. Mrs. Hall is a co-sponsor for the Upper School Leadership Team (SLT) with hopes to develop and identify student leaders who share care, concern, and compassion for the BA students and faculty.

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