Forward In Faith



Today’s students and families are bombarded by secular messages that often counter the truth. Brentwood Academy creates an environment where students are nurtured, challenged, and valued and where they learn to think critically from a biblical perspective. 

By God’s grace, Brentwood Academy has consistently influenced our community for more than 50 years. Our strength is in our Christ-centered mission and the understanding that the gospel offers meaning and purpose to every aspect of our work.  

We equip our students for life as we help them discover their gifts and talents, develop confidence and initiative, and gain knowledge and wisdom. In the process, they are mentored and taught by faculty who encourage faith in Christ as they nurture and challenge each whole person to the glory of God. 

Innovation & Arts Center

As Brentwood Academy continues to develop its campus through the Forward in Faith vision, there is a unique and time-sensitive opportunity to meet the need for more learning spaces and provide dedicated space for our innovative programs. 

We invite donors to invest in a new 6,300-square-foot addition that will provide four new spaces. This two-story addition to the upper school, extending west toward the Quad, will provide two classrooms on each floor. In response to student requests, we have also incorporated a balcony into the design, providing a space for relationship building, which is so important to the student experience at BA.  

With donor support, these new spaces will enhance learning beginning in the 2025-2026 academic year.  

Business and Entrepreneurship Center

This learning space will facilitate our vision to deepen our students’ understanding of a biblical perspectives on business, entrepreneurship, and financial stewardship. The center will be home to business-related courses, including a middle school entrepreneurship exploratory, an upper school business concepts elective, and AP economics. 

This will also serve as  a space for co-curricular student engagement through experiences such as student investment and business formation clubs. A key part of student learning will be their engagement with BA alums and parents who will serve as guest speakers, workplace visit hosts, and internship mentors. All students, including those unfamiliar with business and entrepreneurship concepts, will benefit from this program. Students will learn the “how” and the “why” God uses people to build businesses and wealth.

Middle School Robotics Lab

BA’s Iron Eagles Robotics Program is the most decorated in Tennessee, and this year it boasts 60 students and 10 coaches. This new home for middle school robotics provides a dedicated space to collaborate. It will free up the 8th grade den, allowing the den to serve its intended purpose of helping create community and build relationships, which are the heart of a BA education. Students in the robotics program learn skills, including teamwork, programming, iterative design documentation, electrical, and mechanical design. BA’s robotics programs truly encourage innovation and inspire a passion for technology. 

Visual Arts Classrooms

Students engaged in visual arts gain improved verbal, reading, and math skills and show a greater capacity for analyzing data and problem-solving. In these two new classrooms, students with abilities of all levels will learn the fundamentals of art, explore the elements and principles of design, and develop their artistic gifts. BA offers a wide array of visual art opportunities, including drawing, painting, printmaking, digital design, photography, sculpture, and ceramics. 

The classrooms will provide modern learning spaces and allow for the demolition of the current art house in preparation for the new entrance and future campus development. 

PSALM 100:5

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.