Head of School Search



  • Nathan Brandon, Parent of Alumni, Current Board Member, Committee Chair
  • Buddy Bacon ’82, Alumnus, Parent of Alumni, Current Board Chair
  • Ernie Chappell, Parent, Current Board Member
  • Sue Gering, Parent of Alumni, Grandparent, Former Faculty, Current Board Member
  • Damien Harmon, Parent, Parent of Alumnus, Business Executive
  • Eddie Lunn III ‘94, Alumnus, Parent of Alumni, Former Board Chair, Current Board Member
  • Rhonda Sims, Parent, Current Board Member
  • Curt Masters, Ex Officio Member
Curt Masters announced his intention to retire as Brentwood Academy Headmaster at the end of the 2024- 2025 school year on February 21, 2024. As the Search Committee conducts a thoughtful and thorough search for the next Head of School, information will be shared to update the BA Community. Come back often for the latest updates.
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Dear BA Family, 

I have informed the Board of Trustees that I will be retiring at the end of the 2024 – 2025 school year, after having been blessed to be a part of this wonderful Brentwood Academy family for 25 years. As my wife Cindy and I have been prayerfully considering this for some time, and have been in conversation with the board leading up to this announcement, I know that the board is well positioned with a thoughtful and prayerful process for identifying the next person God has been preparing to step into the role of headmaster.

Cindy and I, along with our family, continue to treasure the opportunities we have had to see God’s hand of provision and protection for the school. We are deeply grateful for the many friendships we have made, for the encouragement and support we have felt, and for thetremendous team of faculty, staff, board members, students, and parents with whom we have had the privilege of serving. And we continue to thank God for Bill Brown’s vision and leadership, along with the many parents who joined him in building the school, establishing its mission, and committing to do all that we do for the glory of God. It is with special appreciation that I think of themany who have served on the Board of Trustees, including all those currently serving, who have held responsibility over the years for the mission and ministry of Brentwood Academy.

As we look forward to a strong and smooth transition of leadership, it is important that you know that the values of our school and the commitments to those values are fully supported, defined, and articulated at both the board and staff levels. The search will be led by those who are committed to our Christ-centered mission. They will be seeking much input and prayer as they take on the task of identifying the person who will support, encourage, and lead our school culture and family to live out our mission and ministry. I trust that you will join with us in praying for wisdom, clarity, and direction.

When Bill Brown came on stage during my induction to BA in the fall of 2000, he handed me a track baton, directing me to carry it onward as he handed over his role and responsibilities. I know that there is much work for us to do in the coming year before I pass the baton on to our third headmaster. This will be another great year at BA, and when we exchange the baton, I know that God will continue to accomplish his purposes through all who serve him.

In his service with you,
Curt Masters



But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness,

and all these things will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6:33



How will the search for the new Head of School be structured?

The BA Board of Trustees formed a transition committee in the fall of 2022 to build a timeline and establish a process for choosing the next Headmaster of Brentwood Academy. The transition committee laid the groundwork for a search committee to be formed later. The search committee was designed, and formally approved by the board in the fall of 2023, and began vetting search firms with the intention of engaging a consultant to work alongside the committee in selecting the new Head of School. The search committee hired JobfitMatters (JFM) to serve Brentwood Academy in the Fall of 2023. You can learn more about JobfitMatters at jobfitmatters.com.

Who did the Board of Trustees select to assist in the search?

In addition to JobfitMatters, a search committee has been formed composed of current board members, current and former parents, grandparents, alumni, and former faculty. The committee will work collaboratively with JobfitMatters throughout the search. The committee is composed of the following people. 

·       Nathan Brandon, Parent of Alumni, Current Board Member, Committee Chair 

·       Buddy Bacon ’82, Alumnus, Parent of Alumni, Current Board Chair 

·       Ernie Chappell, Parent, Current Board Member

·       Sue Gering, Parent of Alumni, Grandparent, Past Faculty, Current Board Member

·       Damien Harmon, Parent, Parent of Alumnus, Business Executive

·       Eddie Lunn III ‘94, Alumnus, Parent of Alumni, Former Board Chair, Current Board Member

·       Rhonda Sims, Parent, Current Board Member

·       Curt Masters, Ex Officio Member


Will there be a current member of faculty or staff on the search committee

No. In consultation with numerous nationally recognized search firms, it is their guidance to not have current faculty on the search committee. However, the search committee feels that someone with a faculty history needs to be a part of the committee. Sue Gering brings us that perspective.

What is the timeline for the search?

·       Phase One will involve an on campus visit that will take place March 19 and 20. We will start building an advertising plan, opportunity profile, video, a formal ad plan and additional content that will be completed on or before May with JFM guidance.

·      Phase Two will start as Phase One is ending with a formal sourcing of candidates through Job Fit Matters’ network, candidate interviews by JFM, and candidate evaluations by JFM with ongoing reporting to the search committee by JFM. It is our desire to have narrowed down the candidates by early Fall. 

·      Phase Three will encompass in person interviews with candidates, second interviews, and campus tours with hopefully a nominee from the Search Committee.

Will internal candidates be considered?

Yes, Internal candidates are welcome to indicate their desire to be considered and may be selected to be interviewed for the position. These internal candidates should apply directly to JobFitmatters. The board’s goal is to identify the next leader to serve as Brentwood Academy’s Head of School by January of 2025, however, our overriding goals are not to hit timetables or milestones simply because they exist. Our goal as a committee is to find the very best person to lead the school.

When will the change of leadership take place?

Curt Masters will complete 25 years of service effective June 30th, 2025. The incoming Head of School will be asked to make multiple trips to our campus in Spring 2025 and will be introduced to the BA faculty and community.

How can we be sure that the individual who is hired will align with the mission statement, statement of faith, and diversity statement to ensure that the mission and ministry of Brentwood Academy will be maintained?

Each member of the search committee, as well as the board at large, is committed to identifying and hiring the next BA Head of School who is aligned with our founding documents. One of Curt’s legacies will be his leadership and guidance in this area. One of the reasons JFM was chosen was their alignment with our mission and ministry. Our goal is to find the right person that best exemplifies the mission and ministry of Brentwood Academy.

How can I participate in the Head of School search process?

First, we ask you to pray for the committee members, our consultants, and the candidate that God has appointed. Secondly, please take the time to offer your input through the survey. It is a valuable tool that the committee will use as we move forward. Also, representatives from JobfitMatters will be on campus in March and throughout the process for interviews, meetings, and listening sessions with the BA family.

Does the current head have a vote on the next Head of School?

The short answer is no. Curt does not want to choose or vote for the next Head of School; however, Curt should be part of the process and speak into candidates as we speak to them. Curt has a wealth of knowledge that the Committee should tap into and we will. Curt’s role is ex officio. The term means “as a result of one's status or position” and because of his position, years of service and his knowledge he will work with the committee.

Additional questions are welcomed. Submit to Nathan Brandon, Committee Chair or JobfitMatters at BASearch@jobfitmatters.com. 





…And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to

love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. 

Micah 6:8