Mrs. Dana Atkins wins Clyde Swift Faculty Award


Mrs. Dana Atkins is the 2024 winner of Brentwood Academy’s Clyde E. Swift Faculty Award. This award is given to the faculty member, with at least three years of service, who encourages students to set the highest standard of academic work; demonstrates proficiency in their subject; communicates effectively with students; and possesses a cooperative spirit regarding the mission of the school. 

In the words of Brentwood Academy Headmaster, Curt Masters, “Dana always strives for excellence, both in and out of the classroom. She's dedicated to seeing her students excel, not only to learn and thrive but to meet with success on the AP exams, which is no small challenge. Outside the classroom, she's dedicated precious time to fostering an expansive student experience where they can play, laugh, and encourage one another. Throughout this, she has demonstrated exceptional care for her colleagues and students. She is constantly thinking through how to add value to the student experience.

She steps into a new role of Student Life Coordinator as she continues to teach in the classroom, encouraging deep thinking, engaging in conversations, and developing their God-given intellect. Her impact on our school has been nothing short of remarkable. The relationships built from activities Dana has led continue to have a ripple effect giving opportunities for impact and leadership at the student level.

She keeps a stable balance between creativity and critical thinking. She challenges her students to dig deeper, presses them to express themselves clearly, and encourages them to challenge one another's thinking in the conversations they have in her classroom, as iron sharpens iron. I appreciate the way her own passion for learning and commitment to using the gifts God has given her to his glory has translated into deep learning in the classroom, fun outside of the classroom, and great relationships for all of us."

Congratulations, Mrs. Atkins!



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